Battle Reports

The Siege of Fort Trollengerschpanken

The Siege of Fort Trollengerschpanken;
A Drunken Dwarves VS. Avaricious Imperials battle report.

The armies:
Gunther's Gatecrashers.

General Gunther Striche (General of the Empire): 174 Points.
Hammer of Judgement, Holy relic, Plate armour, Shield.

Grand Master Ludwig Von Flasche (Knight grand master): 240 Points.
Sword of Power, Laurels of Victory.

Beards, Robes and Fangs

A 10,000pt battle report featuring High Elves, Dwarves and an awful lot of Vampires...

On the principle that bigger equals better, a bunch of us decided to play a fairly substantial game for a change. The new Vampire Counts book had just been released, complete with incredibly expensive Vampire characters, so I was slightly amazed to find I could actually make a 5000pt army fairly easily (having over 2000pts just in Vampire Lords helped). The hugeness of it all attracted legions of bystanders, onlookers, hecklers and the like, some of whom handily came eqipped with cameras. Since we ended up with a ton of photos, I thought it'd be shame not to do something with them. Here follow my (probably incomplete and biased) recollections of a pretty big game between the noble alliance of High Elves (Greg) and Dwarves (Aaron) and the fiendish and black-hearted but impeccably-dressed Vampire Counts (Ben and Pete).

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All in the Name of Conquest

A battle report by Greg Johnson and Peter Spiller

A group of us recently attended Conquest, which is a long-established Warhammer Fantasy tournament (among other things) held at Melbourne High over Easter. This time there were only 20 players attending, and given that there were 8 HGC members going (and one defacto member who was an old friend over from Germany), there were good odds of us playing games against each other.

The Furry and the Furious

An Orc and Goblins vs Skaven battle report by Peter Spiller and Greg Johnson

Armies of Death

A Warhammer Fantasy battle report.

Nick (Tomb Kings) vs Pete (Vampire Counts), 2000pts


King Ka'atess ground his teeth together in rage. Though it had been aeons since blood had flowed through his veins, his less-than-vital condition hadn't reduced the depths of his hatred. Other emotions, yes - empathy, affection, humility - but when it came to hatred he was still more than capable. Especially easy to despise were the blood-drinking spawn of Nagash, and especially the Vampire that had just made off with a small but lethally dangerous collection of arcana from Ka'atess' domain. His duty to Khemri and the rest of the world was clear - all Vampires were obviously still minions of the Great Necromancer, and he could not permit any of them to grow more powerful in the arts of Undeath. More than that, though, he relished the thought of removing the arrogant smirk from the death-cheating leech's face, shortly before removing its arrogant head from its death-cheating shoulders and its arrogant heart from its death-cheating chest.

His bony jaw parted slightly in what would have been a grin had he still been alive. Anticipation was another emotion he still seemed to be able to feel fully.

The Battle of de Bouganne Farm

A Warhammer Fantasy battle report from the annals of HGC.

Drew (Bretonnians) vs Sam (Lizardmen), 2250pts