About us

Hampton Games Club is a nonprofit organization which exists to bring wargamers together with opponents of all ages. We supply a venue, a horde of slavering opponents, and a vast collection of gob-smacking terrain, all for $5 a visit! Our members represent all ages and skill levels, from bright-eyed beginners to scarred tournament veterans, so there is never a problem finding an opponent or the answer to that particularly knotty rules problem your having.

Our members usually have complete armies, and some of them are even fully painted, but we don't impose any rules about having to play with fully painted miniatures. We can also supply dice and tape measures if you forget yours, and someone will always have a copy of the rule book to check things in. Come down for a game, you won't regret it!



Hampton Community Center,
14 Willis St. Hampton
(just off Hampton St., near Hampton Station)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Every Saturday 12:00pm-6:00pm