40kers at JD2 07

Well JudgementDay2 was on again the same day as KF this year. Its a 750 pt 40k tournament, with 4 hampton members attending: myself, garrat, jack and steve.

Steve used Eldar and held up his same standard as last year's JD and came out at second-last place, Jack followed with his guard at 25th, while Garrat blasted into the top ten with his ghostrider themed biker marines at 8th. Somehow I managed to win 1st place overall with my speed freeks and nabbed Best Army.

Prizes were: gw cityfight terrain, mdf cmc 'sand series' terrain, 10 resin 40mm scenic bases, 30 20mm scenic resin bases, paint stripper, a badge and a chimera.


Im happy with our results, pretty evenly placed across the board, but with 2 in the top 10 we did pretty well :)

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Nice loot!

Hey, good work guys, well done. Pretty orks FTW! Good to still see you guys representin' HGC. I really have to finish my guard and get to a 40k tourney or two (and essentially learn the 40k rules again).




Well done and thanks for the report. You're making a habit of this whole winning thing, Ben...

Nice work ben.   Good to

Nice work ben.


Good to see East Side gamers taking it to those western suburb types.


dood!! nice one! grats on the win!