hey so just a quick note to say good luck to all you guys going up for cancon!! i expect trophies and war stories when your back!

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I shall edevour to bring

I shall edevour to bring back both trophies and war stories, if not then just trophies. Leaving on thursday, can't wait.

War stories and trophies?

War stories and trophies? Bah! I can buy them from any (semi) respectable war story and trophy merchant! I expect scalps!

good luck at cancon, fantasy

good luck at cancon, fantasy lads!


garrat and i are off to arcanacon this weekend, to bring glory and guts for hamptongc! 


fuck yeh! good luck at

fuck yeh! good luck at arcanacon champ!! (also i have some large hgc shirts put aside for you cause i think you were interested?)


congrats to dino for winning cancon ( not that he can read this cause he has the net skills of a rabid hampster with no forlimbs)  and ben M for 3rd and pete for 7th ( i dont know any other placings sorry guys)  so good work guys!! definitely  doing the club proud!

Other results

At least in terms of battle points, Nick came 4th, Christie and Sean equal 12th, and I was 15th (1pt behind them). Ben Leopold, Chris, Richard and Aaron rounded out the group (again, I don't have all the results), with Ben winning Best Youngblood. Good result all round, and the shirts looked great. There will hopefully be photos...

Internet Skills

Hi Noaks,

Thanks for the congrats,

My internet skills are ok, just so you know. I am a busy man.




Consider yourself told, Noakes. It would seem that rabid hamsters with no forelimbs are more than capable of tracing your activities...

Counter Busted?

Er... are you implying that Dino is a rabid hampster with no forelimbs, or that he is doing what all good chaos lords do, and employing an army of rabid hampsters with no forelimbs to track Noakes?

Your skills...

...are not so poor Dino, cept you had bold left on. Not nearly as bad as leaving caps on I guess- haha.
Oh, I've got vampires in my bag BTW, so I'll bring that this week. You'll be even busier once you get that game going...