Who else is signed up fro conquest? I just signed up today and I want to know who's with me? I guess you're all a bit pooped after ballarat.

I'm entering my brets, as my new orcs still won't be nearly ready, and I will find it hard to field a wyvern in the 2000 pt force with everything else I want. Besides, I built shiney new yo-men, so I can have them hanging around my flanks, rather thank those oh so useful bowmen. The only good they ever did was take regen off a bunch of trolls, and they can't even do that anymore. STupid bowmen.

 Speaking of, where are the war stories?! I already spoke to sam, c'mon!

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I'll be going, and (barring

I'll be going, and (barring bizarre happenings) using Vampires. Must get around to booking...


Sam and I are also signing up for conflict. That's the sunday after. $30 for the pair, not bad methinks, though as it's a GW contest, there's no vouchers up for grabs. They wouldn't want to deny themselves business now, would they?

 Indep tournaments have so better prizes...



So yeah, Sam and I plan on actually winning this year, not getting beaten down to second because of a (fairly mundane) rules slip. The only think stopping us now is if they changed it so brets and LM are no longer friends...

 Haha nic, you can't go in the green tournament- clearly it's not your first...

Hehe, nothing like a n00b

Hehe, nothing like a n00b tourney to get your confidence up eh. I'll be coming along with my tomb kings, don't worry Drew i think we'll get plenty of people coming. Ben Leopold will be going and we're working on convincing Max to come. We'll probably get Ben, Greg, Dino and possibly Aaron coming so a fair few.

Nick, Ben, Ben, Max, Drew, Sam, Pete, Greg, Aaron, Dino, + maybe one or two more. Thats a fair few people representing our club, just make sure you all remember to wear your shirts :)

Well not that any of you

Well not that any of you care, but my Armoured company will be gracing the tables of Conquest....PREPARE FOR BATTLECANNONS!!!

Very cool.

It's a pity that they're not run simultaneously. Make sure you have an HGC t-shirt to wear!

I'd have entered that, but I've entered two tournaments in the past week and it's getting a little pricey...

That, and my guard army isn't realyl done. Although it's very close to being done, now tha tI have got my hands on some spare plasma pisols. My sergeants are in a position to be completed, so I just need some more special weapons teams.