I've got the time: My Convic report

Right, nothing glorious here. Figure I’d do a short report on all that I remember...

My list:

Grandmaster with +2S sword, 5+ ward and MR2

Priest leading Greatswords, immune to fear item, 1+AS

BSB with stubborn standard

Mage with rod of power

28 Swordsmen with halberdier detachment, archer screen

19 Greatswords with halberdier detachment, archer screen

9 Knights with war banner

6 Knights with greatswords


13 Crossbowmen, 2 Cannons, Helblaster


Game 1- Dark Elves: Dance of deployment, fog, magic is fickle

He had a nicely themed army which scored high for comp; one RBT, corsairs, spearelves, manticore, one unit of dark riders, knights, 2 chariots, and crossbow elves. No real engagement occurred until the last turns in this battle...

He advanced for 4 turns while my helblaster rolled nicely, wiping out a unit of corsairs, dark riders and cold one knights whilst my cannons and his failed stupidity tests took the chariots out of the game. The executioners bounced off my swordsmen+BSB block and ran. In my last turn the swordsmen took a gamble and charged then broke the spear-elves, exposing their rear to the just-rallied executioners. The unit was still stubborn, so I didn’t worry about this, but 2 failed break tests later he had points for the unit, a banner, battle standard, and recaptured his two banners. The result swung, 11-9 his way.


Game 2- Dwarves: Objective markers, fog, here to fight not debate

The dwarves were tough, a block each of longbeards, warriors, hammerers and slayers, then warmachines, rangers, miners and the anvil of doooom. Terrain was shocking, the entire right half of my deployment zone was blocked by multiple giant forests, which extended to the centre of the board. He deployed his anvil on this hidden flank, and I put cannons in the forest, hoping to get far enough in to be free of miners and to take shots at it before the game’s end. Everything was in combat on the third turn though; my large block of knights had charged his longbeards with bsb, greatswords charged warriors, swordsmen charged slayers, and cannons had been engaged by miners.

At the end of the game, both my grandmaster and bsb were killed by his bsb which only had armour. :( Knights were destroyed. Greatswords actually ran down the warrior unit, but were then taken out by warmachines and the anvil. Swordsmen were still stuck against the unbreakable slayers. I got a few hundred points for the warrior unit and some others for half units, but he had the objectives and most of my other units :( :( :(

20-0 his way.


Game 3- Bretonnians: Order of march, double atrocity.

A standard bretonnian army, aside from a unit of atrocious peasants.

The game was over pretty quickly; trebuchet, peg knights and a misfire took out all my warmachines, and my “stubborn” infantry was steamrolled. His grail knights did bounce off my knight unit, but they were also run over by a bus later in the game. Ho-hum.

20-0 his way.


Game 4- Lizardmen: Heavy hitters, fog, tactical superiority.

Another soft army, he had 3 saurus blocks, carnosaur, saurus cavalry, salamanders and some skinks.

This battle went well for me: helblaster rolled a misfire 6 which took out the saurus cavalry, cannons shot down the carnosaur before it could get anywhere. Grandmaster flash and his troupe took out a saurus block, as did my swordsmen. His skinks could only kill 2 cannon crew after some 80 poisoned shots though, which was a tad lucky.

16-4 my way


Game 5- Chaos Mortals: Wipe them out, double fog.

He had a slannesh mortal list, with 2 units of knights, 2 chariots, 30 marauders, a few wolves, 3 units of marauder horsemen and a helcannon.

Double fog worked GREATLY in my advantage this game. Through good luck I rolled well for the entire game, and he could barely see anything. On my second turn I rolled a misfire for fog, and killed some shit with warmachines :D. Cannons took out a chariot each, and the helblaster killed the crew of the hellcannon which had moved forward.

The rest of the game involved his rampaging helcannon pinning the marauders, my helblaster taking out each of the marauder horsemen units, and him continuing to roll low for fog. He charged my knights with his knights on the last turn, but they held. The game was won only on the destruction of his support units, but with dense fog and the scenario it was hard for anything else to happen really... Also I have to mention he was casting delusions on my knights twice per turn, but their magic resistance and some lucky rolling meant he never got it off...

11-9 my way


Game 6- Chaos Mortals: fog, personal vendetta

He had a khornate list, with 2 knight units, warriors, marauders, a giant, furies, spawn, and some marauder horsemen.

I only really remember key points of this battle, I was feeling mega sick by this point, and I’m still recovering from the cold 0.o

My knights made his marauders run backwards through his units off the table. They then absorbed the charge of one of his knight units, cut them down after a few turns and charged his warriors which had his general. He took my grandmaster’s challenge with his champion, and killed the rest of the unit with his general whilst my grandmaster did nothing in the challenge. My general fled and was caught, earning him a million-billion points due to the vendetta. Elsewhere, my helblaster took out the giant, my swordsmen were killed by something, and his furies took out the cannons.

Amusing failed sneakiness though: I had 2 pistoliers deployed 1 wide with the champion in front. I charged his knights in the flank, and because he could only kill my champion there would always be the other guy left in combat. Because he was frenzied he would have to pursue the remaining guy. It was set up so that when he pursued, it would leave him sideways in front of my greatswords, who would charge him in the front after he reformed. So of course he kills the champion of the pistoliers, and the other guy then rolled a 3 on the break test and HELD >_<

20-0 his way

I finished the tournament in 61st overall. Hmm... It was the first time I’d used a list with a big unit of knights, and while it was they who did all the killing, my infantry was stuck behind archer screens and did nothing aggressive for the majority of battles. Also, I’ll have to learn that stubborn ld8 isn’t always something that can be relied on >_<. Also also, fog is the crock of shit. I had it played against me 5 times out of 6.

Something must be said of the helblaster though, which rolled only 2 misfires in the tournament: one a 5 which allowed it to keep on shooting, and another a 6 which resulted in the gunning down of saurus cavalry.

Goood times.

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