Mighty Empires

Potentially I'm way behind everyone and really slow on the uptake here, but I just saw the advance order for Warhammer: Mighty Empires.

Maybe the club should invest its money in one or more of these, they could be quite cute for playing a new campaign of sorts.


Post back if you think it's a good idea.


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i dig

Capital idea. Missed the campaign last time, would be a change from tourney practice games.


If we get that web app going again it mightn't do much but sit pretty though. 

True that

Agreed, but at least it would do that...
And it would be yet *another* source of rules for a campaign.

The latest WD comes with two

The latest WD comes with two limited edition Mighty Empires tiles,two flag pins and three special building marker doohickys. Since the tiles are double sided, if enough people get WD, we could potentially have enough hexes for a small campaign map! Huzzah!