Convic, hows everyone going?

So guys, how'd you all go after day 1? Did any of you manage to win the Character Bash?

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How people went

Didn't see this until tonight, but at least I can say how everybody went (though you've probably already seen the results). HGC award-wise, Chris Cousens got 2nd Generalship and I got 3rd Generalship, which I was more than happy with. I don't think anybody from Hampton entered the character bash - I might have, except I was lured away by Transformers on Saturday night (which was surprisingly decent).

Well i was certainly

Well i was certainly surprised to see the results after hearing about Gregs score on day one. You must have been playing in a really Leopold esque charge them, if i win i win if i lose i lost manner.


Oh well at least i only dropped about 6 places in the rankings so i whould be back up there by masters time.



I only ended up with 57 BPs as well, which is slightly less than breaking even. It's also the saem score that Greg got, which I found highly amusing, considering how rubbish my list was.

THe focus of my gripe is the fact that I only got roughly 65% of available comp points. Not so pissed off about the actual score, but it means that a reasonable chunk of my opponents wern't reading the objective guidelines that were written down next to comp scores. The top score for comp says something along the lines of "Has sacrificed more powerful stuff to maintain style". Considering that is pretty much THE reason I took such a rubbish list in the first place, I consider myself robbed on an objective level. Like I said, this doesnt' really annoy me, but I'd like to pose a question: do people ususally go off what the guidelines say and mark to that, or do they just award what they feel their opponent should get?
I've got no problem with either way, but for the sake of consistency, it should be one or the other.

 Whatdo you think?



I suspect...

I suspect part of the reason may be that some people may take the (percieved?) power of the base army list into consideration. An all-Goblin army that doesn't take any Fanatics may get higher comp scores than a Wood Elf army that doesn't take any Treemen, even though they're both sacrificing something. Possibly the 'sacrificing something' clause was sort of getting interpreted at the army level - people might have been counting taking a 'weaker' army as making a sacrifice already, even before the list itself was taken into account. Just a theory, though.

Having said that, it does seem kinda weird that you only scored slightly higher than Greg comp-wise. Possibly people aren't too keen on Daemonic Legions... but I still would have expected your list to get a higher comp score than it did. On the bright side, this apparently means you can go nuts with daemon cavalry and still get about the same for comp. :)


If you can call that a plus...
Daemonic legion players shouldn't really be encouraged. At least that'll be the last time in a long time that I get those guys out to a tourney. I'm back where I started; the whole reason I took the daemons was because I was tired of using brets. The daemons more or less suck without some heavy cav, and the advantages of not taking cavalry do not outweigh the disadvantages. Looks liek my only option is to get the orcs and goblins up to speed, almost definately by Axemaster. In order to save money, I'm recybling my old artillery. I'm gonna re-base and paint it all, shoudl look a bit better.
(and just to please noaksey, I'm gonn aput them on larger bases so that he can't claim any unfairness due to size).

Rather likely

My list wasn't really full of sacrifices beyond not taking a pimplector, but by virtue of being squishy humans I got a pretty decent comp score. On the other hand, armies getting low comp scores may have had harsh judgment based only on impression; at the end of a few battles I felt like shifting the score initially I gave a point or two up or down.

And on the topic of Axemaster, yeah I'm planning to polish my army, with regards to presentation. Going to re-base everything, apply some dullcoat to hideously shiny black cloth, and tidy up some odds and ends.

Sounds good...

A consistent set of bases goes a long way towards making an army look schmick.