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KF is in 2 weeks (July 14-15). For those who don't know, the Fantasy side is a 4000pt tournament that allows teams if you like (either using allied forces or even the one army). Details are on the GW website.

I am going to enter, using my Orcs and Goblins. Is anyone else interested? They're welcome to borrow any of my other stuff if it would help...

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I -might-

It depends on other things out of my control, but there is a chance that I'll enter at the last minute. Might come down to turning up and entering on the day...

Though I read that they will not be doing this. Will call GW and find out if they will tickets up until the day before :\

Wood Elves

Actually, I have changed my mind a little. I am going to use my Wood Elf maiden guard list - just a larger version of it. So my Orcs are available if anyone wants them.

They may not take entries on the day, but hopefully they won't be too inflexible about last minute entries. Their numbers are low, so they will want everyone they can get.


Apparently entries were meant to close last week, and army lists are supposed to be in too. So if you're planning on entering, get your army list ready and take it into a GW store, so you can give them the list at the same time as you get your ticket.

Secret dealings

Andrew Long PMed me on wargamerau saying that tickets could still be bought on the day before, but I will attempt to do so before that :\

Gah - didn't know it was

Gah - didn't know it was that urgent! I'll try and take my cunning-smart unholy Skaven-VC alliance list in tomorrow and buy a ticket. I'd better be able to get my hand on that Verminlord, yes-yes...


Well I can't get access to the other half of my army, so it doesn't look like I can go.


Well you're welcome to

Well you're welcome to borrow something, if that would help. Not that I have all that much stuff that would be useful to you. Painted-wise, I have the following:

4000+ Orcs and Goblins (if you want to try something different)

4000+ High elves (if you want to get pounded, or field some allies to get pounded)

The following stuff that could be useful as allies or Dogs of War:

Dwarfs - 20 Ironbreakers, 20 Longbeards, 12 Warriors/Rangers, Organ Gun, Gyrocopter, and a couple of characters

8 Ogre Bulls, the Baker, 25 Cursed Company, 13 Beorg's Bearmen, 7 Voland's Venators, 50 Wood Elf Archers, random Wardancers, Keeper of Secrets, 10 Daemonettes, 5 Mounted Daemonettes.

That's about all I can think of. You're welcome to borrow anything if it would help.

You're welcome to my things also

Dene, I have:
~2500 Brets

~1500 new Orcs and Goblins

~2500 old orcs and goblins 

~2250 Rubbish Daemonic Legion 


I'd stick with greg's O&Gs, more consistent looking. Plus he'll be there. On the other hand, the daemonic legion suck, and won't play nice with your empire.

Which means you'd really only want the brets. I can see lances and guns doing bad things to most armies. 


Best of luck to everyone this weekend! I'll think of you when I'm up on hotham. 


haha thanks guys. My last message may have been premature; currently trying to work around the problem, which may involve breaking into my house to steal my miniatures :p


good luck everyone entering! look fwd to hearing some good stories