Having recently finished the last of the Harry Potter series, and at no risk of reading spoilers, I went onto wikipedia to see if there was anythign else I could learn.


I stumbles on translations of Harry Potter and looked at the section entitled 'fakes'.

Now, we all know you can get dodgy copies of stuff in China. Someone there has written 'another' Harry Potter book; the ellusive 8th book. It is interestingly entitled Harry Potter and Leopard-Walks-Up-to-Dragon. Check it out, it is hillarious! Don't miss the opening lines!

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they featured a site with a collection of these on the other day, funny stuff:

The two Chinese books, "Harry Potter and the Filler of Big" and "Harry Potter and Beaker and Burn," were purchased in ordinary bookshops in China about 4 years ago, shelved with the Chinese translations of the real novels.

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