I hate to say it, but I think we've gotten a little trashy with our content... Lets try and stick to wargaming.

On another note, "hoioilllst4a" has got some good stuff in it!

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I prefer xeehjwxzsx to be

I prefer xeehjwxzsx to be honest, but each to our own.

I SMS'd Pete about it this morning but he must be pretty busy seeing as he hasn't gotten the time to do anything about it as yet. Maybe we should see if the spammer has a website and post a bunch of "Slanneshi Daemon gets funky with a Bestigor" links or something similar. 

I've set up some extra spam

I've set up some extra spam defenses tonight; we'll have to see how effective they are.

Nice job

Good work pete, our impressionable minds have once again been saved from the ravages of pornography!