miniatures for Sale and Trade

so i figured we might as well have a topic ppl can post in if they ever have anything theyve dug up from a shoebox under a bed and didnt even know they had and dont want, and want to sell.. or trade ect ect. You get my jist.


any way for starters i dont have anything for sale BUT i did find lots of cheap dwarves at mil sims for anyone into dwarves, i picked up a longbeards command blister for 6 bucks and they still ahve that i saw probably a unit and a halfs worth of rangers in blisters including command each blister is 6 bucks. so for anyone interested its a pretty good deal at 3 blisters for the price of 1!

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IF anyone has got any old

IF anyone has got any old (preferably unbuilt) 1/35 scale tank, armored car, jeep etc. kits lying around, the Mighty Pudding Wrestler may be interested. I'm mostly after smaller stuff, light Tanks, armored cars, scout vehicles etc. at the moment, casue I am making Ork War Buggies out of them. But i'll porbably want larger stuff (especially Half Track APCs and Trucks) later on.

It occurs to me that I have

It occurs to me that I have a number of spare Boars. Atleast 3, porbably as many as seven If i dig around enough. I was hanging onto them to make Boar Boyz of some sort, but I've decided to wait for the ne Boars in WFB 7th edition to come out. I'm open to offers.


OMG boars! just what i need to make cyborktaurs! How much you want for 'em? Looking for anything to trade? I should be at the club this sat..



Also, im looking for some stuff to make howdahs out of for my massive if anyone has smashed up stuff lying around, rhino doors and stuff, hell, even plasticard, lemme know.

If you have any large techy

If you have any large techy do-dads which could be used to make Killer Kan/Dreadnuaght bits i'd be interested. Spare Ork weapons are always useful, since I used everyting (i mean everythign! Sluggas and Shootas) from the box to convert up my Hunta/Shoota unit. I'm alwasy interested in anythign which looks mechanical and bionic, so I can continue my peculair experiments into Cyborks...

On the subject of Howdahs, i have some bits from really old rhinos (crappy looking i know), and also i've got a M16 Anti-aircraft halftrack (US thing, WWII), which I'm not going to be using for anything. Started making it when i was like 14, never finished. The cab and tray could be useful.

I'll rummage around and try to find out how many boars i actually have, and work out a price.

See you Saturday. I'll be bringing the first iniital instalment of my Hybrid Ork army, including the 40K howdah version of the Squiggoth. Not that i'll be using it on Saturday mind you... 

Ok sweet, since im lazy ill

Ok sweet, since im lazy ill just bring along some bitzboxes for you to rummage through.


I dont really know the sizes of stuff for the howdah, since i dont know the exact size of the mumak, but it should arrive this week(hopefully), so i should have the base beasty stuck together by sat.


Once you get a sizeable enough force of orkses we gotta have a bash around with them :D 

Checked this morning, I have

Checked this morning, I have 3 Complete, unassembled Boars. I have 2 partially assembled boars with no tusks, and two patrially assembled boars with no tusks or tails. SInce you're making Cyboars, i don;t suppose the missing tusks and tails matter to much.

Nah, they dont even need

Nah, they dont even need heads!(check my modelling diary...think i updated with the cyborktaur test model).


Im actualling looking for stuff to make a bunch of twinlinked rokkits for for the new yeah, im open to any ideas :) 

Does anyone have any

Does anyone have any backpacks, or techno-greebly sort of stuff which could be strapped to an Ork's back? I'm making a Truk Boyz mob and I want them to all be carrying equipment and spares for the truk in case it breaks down in the heat of battle. Sort of like apprentice Meks really. 

Any backpacks, vehicle parts or tools would be handy. 

I'm going to get the starter

I'm going to get the starter set (WFB) so anyone who'd like to buy the models.(Orcs or dwarves), or trade for some empire figs i'd be interested, when the time comes obviously.

I'd be interested in the

I'd be interested in the miniatures from the starter. Looks like the whole box is only going to cost $85. Is that right, or did the GW website lie to me? Anyway, I can obviously only look at doing some sort of deal when I'm back in the country (early October). How much would you want for the figures?


Eighty-five of your

Eighty-five of your earthling australian dollars is indeed the correct price. For once the GW site is not lying to you (strange though this may seem...)

Yeah, its the same idea as

Yeah, its the same idea as the BFM 40k box. LOTS of 1-part minis for a begginner to get hooked.


60 night gobs, 1 troll, 10 spider riders, i think like 30 dwarves, plus a cannon, and the mini rulebook, book of starter scenarios, templates and dice.



Pretty shmick! Im getting the gobs and using them for my grots in 40k. Who knows, you might even see me start a fantasy army(but ill be kicking and screaming the whole way :D). 

Greg, i'd be selling for

Greg, i'd be selling for somewhere around the 50 mark. Talk to you when you get back

Empire sheilds

hey guys, im lookin to get a whole bunch of those round empire spearmen sheilds, the ones that come with a lions head on them, around 11 to start with but ultimately around 25? if anyone has some laying around let me know and ill buy em off ya! cheers

empire sheilds

I think i may have a few lying around from my pirate alpha legion army....i dunno...ill have a look around, probably not many, 4-8 i guess. Better than nothing i suppose.

hey ben, if your willing to

hey ben, if your willing to sell em ill definetly take them off your hands! the hell do you knock out so many eldar so bloody fast! and to that standard, i rekon you should put up some "speed painting tips" or just general stuff you do, i welcome all the pointers i can get when it comes to painting

sell them? ill just give

sell them? ill just give them to you if i find any.


as for speed painting...i dunno, i dont paint that fast do i? i guess you could try smoking a whole bunch of crack, otherwise, money is always a big motivater for me.

 I just sit down and watch whole seasons of stuff while painting, to quote a mate "man, you batch paint like a nazi". Just paint stuff while other stuff is drying. I whacked out those eldar while watching the first season of arrested development :D


I guess i could type up some stuff on my personal method of speed blending and other techniques, if anyones interested of coarse...because doing those 'step by step' pictures takes time.

Hey Noakes If ben can't find

Hey Noakes

If ben can't find them, or doesn't have enough or whatever, I've got about 16 of those shields lying around. 

empire sheilds

thanks guys! ill take as many as youve got off your hands hehe will chat this week/ weekend!


ben as for write ups.. i guess mostly i just meant pictured at each stage just so we can all see how u knock em out.. like stage one undercoat obviously.. but then its just interesting to see things progress... and yes... yes those eldar were painted god damn fast.. ive got a marine army for... 6..8 years? who knows.. and its still not actually finished!

on another note!

so i figured while im askin if ppl have stuff.. teutogen guard? im looking for 1-3 generic teutogen guard troopers? these boys look the business and i want to use one as a foot general and paymaster for my developing dogs of war army!  if anyone has some and is willing to part with them let me know!! thanks guys!

I just got the Battle For Skull Pass

I just got the Battle For Skull Pass boxed set. I am now on the band wagon. If anyone wants to buy the dwarves off me, I'm selling them for $30 (that's $20 better than JohnVCs deal!). That is these things only:

12 Clansmen


8 Miners


Dwarf Lord

Dwarf Cannon + Crew

Obviously you get the command groups too. I want to keep the wagon, bound dwarf and barricade for potetial modelling projects, although if you really want them, make me an offer. So that's essentially all the stuff you can use to play games with. Go on, start a dwarf army today!

Ah, but Drew, i'm selling

Ah, but Drew, i'm selling the goblins as well for only $20 dollars more. Thus you get another 60 odd goblins AND dwarves. Better deal than drew's. (wink)

Yeah John, your deal is a

Yeah John, your deal is a good one. Hell, they're all good deals. The whole boxed set is cheaper than buying 2 regiments of the goblins by themselves...

 I have resisted the urge to buy even a rulebook while I'm over here because it's hard to get it back, and (gasp!) it's actually cheaper in Oz! That has to be a first.

And John, I am still very much interested in buying your guys from you. I'll be back at the club on the 7th October...

hey mate, ill take the

hey mate, ill take the dwarves for 30,  ill probably still end up buying another box at some point none the less for more gobbos but yeh.. ill take em

Well I also have some

Well I also have some dwarves if anyone wants themsame as what Drew is selling, except you also get the packed up anvil with pony, and the KINGS WALL for a mere $30, however they have been assembled (not glued however) but they have no paint on them what-so-ever.

Nick - If you still have the

Nick - If you still have the Dwarves, I am interested in buying them for a certain nefarious project. Let me know, and I shall bring forth the money in used notes carried within a metal case like in the movies. Or porbably just in my wallet. It's easier.

The Grudge Pony

Hey guys

Anyone got spare grudge ponies from the Skull pass box? I'm after as many as I can get, and I will pay $5 each. 


No, but I do have the miniature of the white dwarf you were looking for, and I will happily part with it for $5. I may not be at the club this week though, hmm...

I have a GW mini box for

I have a GW mini box for sale, $60 bucks, rarely used all in mint condition.  Usualy goes for 80. If your interested chat to me about it here or at club i will have it with me most weeks.

by that he means one of

by that he means one of those smaller transport cases.  haha... mini box... yeh man that helps

Thanks for the offer Dene,

Thanks for the offer Dene, but I juts bought one of eBay. Although... I could do a version on Shield and a version on Foot, since he is going to be my lord...

I'll let you know. 

Box of Figures?

I thought he meant a box of figures...

yeah i mean one of those GW

yeah i mean one of those GW transport cases mini box is realy not helpfull as nokes stated

Marine tanks for sale

Well, I'm abandoning my marines for now. Just the tanks i bought recentlyish anyway, I'll hold on to all the footsloggers for later projects ;)


Predator Annihilator with heavy bolter sponsons

2 Rhinos

Razorback with heavy bolters


All tanks are assembled and unpainted, and are still in good condition. All for sale at an easy half price of retail.

Will bring them to club for inspection if needed, no commitment required :)


Hmm, Dene, if you dont mind could you bring down those 2 rhinos to club so I could have a bit of an inspection? 3 rhinos zipping around with stormtroopers inside? meh, we'll see.


sure thing


Marine Conversions


Anyone got any spare dark elf spears, like so:

Also, does anyone have any spare marine legs (non-kneepad), chests (non eagle, preferably), arms or basically whateva?

Finally, anyone got any plastic plasmaguns or meltaguns?


I wish!

Plastic Meltaguns and Plasmaguns?
They would have to be one of my most sought after things!

If I knew of a source, I would gladly let you know, sorry!


Hey guys, I'm after some nids so i can make myself some bug thingies :)


what kind of niddies u interested in? If you want carnifex's, gaunts, or tyrant gaurd/zoanthropes, let me know, and we cant talk about splitting one of those apocalypse boxes.

Anything else, and let me know anyway :P


Hello Guys

 I have a few tyranids lying aroud collecting dust at the moment  :)

if anyone is interested i will bring them down to the club on saturday

i have bits of everything


Please do! (Im sure certain others will appreciate that as well). Bits and extra stuff is always good ;). btw, how recent are they?

unfortunatly i will be

unfortunatly i will be ubable to make it to the club for the next few weeks.  all the stuff is 3rd ed.  with some 2nd ed carnifex and hive tyrands as well.  so all the warriors, gaunts, hormagaunts and gargoyles are current. 


Eldar guardians

If anyone's interested in some guardians *cough Drew cough*, I have plenty I don't want that I current have in my possession. Not exactly sure how many I'm willing to part with, I know I have many. How many I have, and how many I want I will find out.


Are they *ass*embled or are they loose?



Your face is loose. The guardians, however, are still on the sprue.

Oooh. I'll discuss with you

Oooh. I'll discuss with you tomorrow then, I guess.

On the topic of buying miniatures, I purchased 25 resin savage orcs from inch high miniatures the other day, as suggested by dene. I think I may have to replace their arms, hard to say how bulky they are. I'll let y'all know how they turn out when they arrive.

Lord of the Rings stuff

I have about 100 moria goblins (assembled unpainted, some damaged),

some rohan riders (one or two weapons broken, assembled unpainted)

and some gondor soliders (assembled unpainted, probably some minor damage to some)
and about 10 little sets of paint for the goblins (each thing has about 4 colours still sealed. and around 5 unused paint brushes.)
I was left the stuff and want to get rid of it. pickup from Lower Templestowe or Doncaster send me an email for details if you want to do somethign else.
$70 for the lot