miniatures for sale

After going through my stuff I have decided to sell some of the
miniatures I will never be able to paint. My plan was to put the
stuff up on eBay, but I thought I let you guys have first pick. Most
of the stuff is WF40K and current to the latest releases. There is
also a few bits of WHF that might be of interest. Here is the list and prices:

Range Minituature notes Qty. Price
WH Fantacy High Elf Mage Mounted OOP 1 $7.33
WH Fantacy High Elf Lord Mouned OOP 1 $7.33
WH Fantacy Tomb Kings Skelletal Chariot Regiment Missing Bases 1 $33.33
WH40k Space Marine Codex   1 $25.33
WH40k Battle for Macragge   1 $56.67
WH40k Space Marine Tactical Squad   2 $33.33
WH40k Space Marine Scouts With Sniper Rifles   1 $26.67
WH40k Space Marine Scouts Squad   1 $23.33
WH40k Space Marine Veterans   1 $36.67
WH40k Space Marine Devastator Lascannon single mini 3 $7.33
WH40k Space Marine Devastator Heavy Bolter single mini 2 $7.33
WH40k Space Marine Dreadnought   1 $39.00
WH40k Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought   2 $45.00
WH40k Space Marine Commander   1 $15.67
WH40k Space Marine Command Squad   1 $30.00
WH40k Black Templars Sword Brethren   1 $14.67

So if you are interested or have any questions you can post here
or email or message me (does this forum have a message feature??).

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Few questions


I'm fairly interested in those dreads. Just have a few questions regarding their condition. Basically wanted to know if they were fully assembled (eg. are their arms interchangable or glued?) and are all the parts still there? Mainly interested in just the normal SM dread.

Will you be at the club some time soon so I can have a look?


all models are unasambled

all models are unasambled and unpainted. I have to confes that after I bought them I took them out of their packaging, but after wards I just put them back in their box.

Alright Well when will


Well when will you be at the club next? Would be interested in the SM plastic dread. Maybe a few other odd bits and pieces as well.


As I will be going away for

As I will be going away for the long weekend, I will not be at the club untill the next weekend (03/05/2008). I will bring all that is for sale just in case other people want to browse.

Change of plan should be

Change of plan should be able to make to the club this saturday

Great, will try to make it

Great, will try to make it down. Thanks

all of these are going up on

all of these are going up on ebay. cheers all.