so hey guys, we're thinking of organising a day when we bring in all our painted gear and take a bunch of shots wich we can then put up here in a gallery, either set up via armies, or players or the both. But before we can do this we need to work out what gear people have that we can use, primarily a high quality digital SLR would be ideal, but other wise i have a 5 megapixel digicam, we also will need a tripod so if anyone has one that would be fantastic to let us know, after that some desk lights ( 2 is ideal) so if anyone has any of this stuff and is willing to bring it along some day please let us know. From there we can organise the day and tell everyone to bring in their stuff. cheers guys!

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cool idea

Sounds like a good idea. Would you be wanting people to bring all their armies? ...cause i might need a bit of a heads up if so :P

I have got a coupld of high

I have got a coupld of high quality pro-grade 35mm film SLRs if all else fials. I also have a pair of good tripods (over kill bonus!) and I've got a very good halogen desk light which gives very strong light in fairly natural color. It's got a flexible shaft so it can be 'posed' at any angle. I've been thinking about getting a pair of halogen work lights from Bunnings for use on films, so if i got them, they would be avialbale. They come with stands, and they are 500 watt, so very powerful. I can also porvide reflector boards if i have some warning, and i can improvise some scrim. Sorry, no gels.

awesome! well let us know

awesome! well let us know aobut the lamps , and tripods!. i think the film slrs should really be a last resort cause film, while being pretty good quality, wont allow us to take the number of shots we want nor review them on site. but otherwise awesome!

ben we'll totally give u a heads up, and we might even organise 2 weeks to do this so that people like you ( ie insane)  can get all the stuff they want photographed in. basically though just choose alot of the stuff your most proud of and with a wide range of material to show off for starters i guess, no need to bring EVERYTHING =)

Speaking of which

Speaking of which, could you put up the pictures of the 4500 point battle I played against sam?


Hokay ill bring my dark eldar, tau, ork, lost and the damned and deathguard armies :)


I'd bring that commissioned eldar army but its mostly in NSW now...and apparently it won best painted at Emporers Legion tourny! which is pretty cool i guess.