PW Pleads for Part

Gentlemen(?) I'm after the following parts for my new Khrone marines:

Marauder Arms, both left and right, hands are not a priority as I tend to give them Marine gauntlets.
Marine Backpacks, Chaos or Loyalist, it doesn't matter much, I just need a few for some of the 'extra' marines (ie: the ones built from spare parts, not from the kits)
Chain axes if anyone has any...
New style Chaos warrior heads (Actually, I don't know if I will need these, but I'd like to check them out and see if they work)
Berzerker heads I guess, although so far I have not seen any real need to use them cause they are a touch goofy looking really...

Negotiations about remuneration will be entered into on a case-by-case basis.

Work In Progress shots are avilable here.

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