PW Pleads for Parts

Gentlemen(?) I'm after the following parts for my new Khrone marines:

Marauder Arms, both left and right, hands are not a priority as I tend to give them Marine gauntlets.
Marine Backpacks, Chaos or Loyalist, it doesn't matter much, I just need a few for some of the 'extra' marines (ie: the ones built from spare parts, not from the kits)
Chain axes if anyone has any...
New style Chaos warrior heads (Actually, I don't know if I will need these, but I'd like to check them out and see if they work)
Berzerker heads I guess, although so far I have not seen any real need to use them cause they are a touch goofy looking really...

Negotiations about remuneration will be entered into on a case-by-case basis.

Work In Progress shots are avilable here.

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Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? 




I have some marauder arms

I have some marauder arms if you need them, mainly flail arms but also some HW/S arms.

 Will you be at club on saturday Owen, I'll try to remember to bring them along.

 The marauder cav also have some armoured heads that you could possibly use, I'm not sure when I'll be buying any warriors though.