Gentlemen: due to the popularity of Mordheim, I have declared TERRAIN CRUSADE again, and am embroiled in the building of numerous Mordheimic buildings, including two large ruined houses and a ruined gatehouse. More to come. Pete is also building such things.

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On a similar note; they stole pete's idea!
Space Hulk

Actually, I've known about

Actually, I've known about that one since Pete built the orignial. I think I even sent him pics for inspiration.

I should have taken some

I should have taken some photos of that graveyard - I feel outdone. :) I'll try and remember to take some of the other stuff in progress when it gets finished. Currently in the works are a prison and Generic Ruined Building #785 (possibly to be followed by Generic Ruined Buildings #786 and #787).

I assume you named in #785

I assume you named in #785 on the basis that I couldn't possibly build that many ruins... well I have news for you! I started another! Mwahahahaha! I can easily build 800 ruins!