Firebirds - Eldar Commission Army

You may or may not be aware, but im a commission army painter, so rather than the usual single-model commission jobs, i do whole armies(themeing, converting and/or painting).
Its a lot of fun(and it brings in some nice $$ for a bummy 17-yr-old like myself :D)

Anyway, i painted up 30 warpspiders around christmas for a guy's army.

He seemed to like them a lot so in recent months he's sent me a load of eldar stuff(2 falcons, 2 waveserpents, 10 warlocks, 2 farseers, 10 wraithguard, 3 wraithlords, 17 firedragons(including 2 exarchs) and 15 dark reapers).
So i guess this will be a diary of how i go painting this stuff.

First things first i painted the warlocks. I wanted to convey the 'magic' feel of the unit, so instead of usual smooth blending i did this weird 'magi-fire' highlighting on their robes. He needed to be able to split the warlocks into two units and yet keep them looking cohesive so i simply switched the green/blue and the red/orange around.
Test Warlock



Next on the list was the falcons. I wanted to convey speed, and yet keep with the fire thing. So i took reference from an experience - when you take a burning stick out of a fire and wave it around really fast - i wanted that look. So basically i undercoated them black, then with white paint i did a transition on the armour. Then i had to do lots and lots of progressive, very thin layers of dark red up to the orange on the front. I guess that sounds a little hard, but its not. Just time consuming waiting for the very watery layers to dry.

Finished Falcons

Next up are the firedragons, i started painting these last night and finished them off this morning.
For the army, the basic scheme is deep red/orange, with rich gold and a bit of blue/green to balance out the heat. So with this in mind i generally keep the basic scheme for each unit, but alter it to suit the unit. So the warpspiders were quite dark, which suits the unit's background, whereas the warlocks were very extravagant.
Which brings me to the firedragons, which are well....firey. Instead of starting with a very dark red i went with normal blood red with a little black added, significantly lighter than my usual base colour for the army. This would help to bring out the unit as very strong and 'hot'.
I also wanted to keep the blue/green pretty minimal on them, i didnt want to 'cool them down' at all, so only the soul stones and the few sash/cloth things are blue/green.

The Lads All Done

I guess thats it for now. Hopefully get the farseers done this afternoon(woo! 2 units finished in one day :D)....but ill probably just watch season 1 of arrested development again.



farseers are sexy.




Painted these suckers the other day...theyve been sitting on my desk undercoated for weeks so i figured i should just get them over and done with.

Not the best camera is stuffed, have to send it off to sydney to get fixed..

...stupid flash making the green/blue look all washed out and crap