Bone Giant Conversion

Well of late I have been inspired by all the bone giants I've seen on so I thought I'd try to spruce up my own giant, which was a completely generic GW bone giant, with a not very good paint job. Along came a bottle of Mineral Turpentine and I got most of the 4 layers of paint off of it. Now my army lacks a centrepiece, sure the ushabti look great (at least i think so) but they arn't exactly large. So to make my giant a little different I thought I'd make it carry a banner/icon. This not only makes the giant look differernt and original, but adds a focal point to the army, increasing the look of the army overall.

Below is the giant in all his unpainted glory, I'm gonna buy some spray this afternoon and start the painting.

IPB Image

The Banner is made out of fairly thin yet sturdy cardboard, I'm on a budget so nothing flashy for me. The pole is just a thin rod of metal I found lying around and I just added some bits I had lying around to make it look more interesting.

IPB Image

Will post more pictures when its painted.