The Tale of Suzeraine Trompeur and Escadron de Forban

Here is my army background. I thought I'd embrace my 'cheating' reputation and turn my Brets into a dishonourable rabble of low-lives. I'm assuming that it's an open-list tournament - I'm gonna put my list in. Not like it's gonna surprise you.


The Tale of Suzeraine Trompeur and Escadron de Forban
Putting down his quil, Suzeraine Trompeur de Carcasonne looked up at his henchman Gluant Ver. Trompeur hated being disrupted whilst doing his tax avoidance, but he had almost trusted Gluant since they were young nobles, stealing wooden swords and pantomime horses from the common children. These days, Gluant hardly ever stole from his lord, and Trompeur trusted Gluant almost as far as he could throw him. Gluant was his sticky fingered right-hand man.


"What is it?'', the noble enquired. ''Milord'', replied Gluant Ver as he slipped a gold coin up his sleeve.''The Duc and his accountants have found you out. They ride this day to your castle to arrest you. You can get away with over-taxing the peasants, but the Duc will not let you get away with under-paying him''. Trompeur looked around, and quickly hid his copy of The King's seal in the false drawer in his desk. He pulled on a lever and his solid gold statue of The Lady swung open to reveal that it had been hollowed out to make an escape tunnel. Gluant neglected to mention that the Duc would not leave until that afternoon, and chuckled whilst deciding what he could carry away now that his lord had left the room.


Emerging into his workshop, the Lord hastily addressed his men. They had been busily building counterfeit prayer icons out of cheap iron and golf leaf. ''We must ride'', shouted Trompeur. The knights quickly threw aside the statuettes and after pocketing what they thought was a fair share of leaf, headed for the stables. Trompeur mounted his steed, Fixe. Many belived Fixe to be a fine specimen and she appeared to have won many races in her time. Regardless, she had been his steed for years and had always brought luck to her Master. Gluant waited to unfurl his master's banner, as he suspected the pegasus knights were eyeing it from above. With a yell the knights thundered away from Castle Légitime Gens d'Affaires. They would not be caught, not this day.


Lord: Suzeraine Trompeur

'Borrowed' Sword of Carcasonne (Birth-Sword of Carcasonne)

'Virtue' of Riggedness (virtue of Confidence)

Consealed gromril breastplate (Gromril Great Helm)

Plated leather glove (Gauntlet of the Duel)

Paladin: Gluant Ver

'Virtue' of Usurping (Virtue of Duty)

Cheap Knock-off of the Lady's Banner

Damsel: Trixie

The tarnished mirror (The Silver Mirror)

Damsel: Heidi

Photocopied Dispell Scroll (x2)

12 Knight of the Realm

Full command

Banner of Underhandedness (War Banner)

9 Knights of the Realm

Full Command

Banner of sneakiness (Twilight Banner)

6 Knights of the Realm (x3)


12 Peasants (x2)

Standard, Musician and Villain


5 Pegasus Knights

Full Command


Hope to see you there, I'll cheat you good- Honest!