Ironfoundersson's Brewery: A Brief History (part one)

Here then is the first part of the background of my new Dwarf Army! Background for the various units will appear shortly.


Located in the green and verdant lands bordering The Moot is a small community of Dwarven brewers and craftsmen. At the centre of the settlement is Ironfoundersson's Brewery, home of Ironfoundersson's Unbeatable Ale. Founded by Brag Ironfoundersson in the imperial year 1227, the brewery has passed through successive generations of the Ironfoundersson family to it's current incumbent, Snorri Ironfoundersson.


Snorri Ironfoundersson is the chief brewer of Ironfoundersson’s Brewery. He holds rank equivalent to a Lord in a Dwarven Hold, and in times of trouble, is carried into battle atop a shield by his ancestral bearers, Drag Grobbidreng and Skalf Donglibok. He wields the sacred hammer Gorog Bok, the symbol of his office, and wears the ancestral armour of the Ironfoundersson clan.


Younger brother of Snorri, and protector of the sacred brew-book (The Gorog Kron). Thudric is the clan Battle Standard Bearer, carrying the ancient War banner of Ironfoundersson to battle when the foes of good beer and dwarf kind threaten.


Sven Svennson, known as The Magnificent Sven is the Head rune smith at the Brewery. Equally skilled in the forging of the powerful runes of brewing and the mighty runes of war, his family has served as Rune smiths to the Ironfoundersson clan for generations.


Once a proud and noble Brewer, Adzric committed the unpardonable sin of spilling a friend’s pint. As any right thinking Dwarf would, he took the Slayer’s oath immediately, and has wandered the world ever since seeking his glorious doom. He often accompanies beer convoys through treacherous lands as they are such tempting targets for mighty monsters.