How did you make it? Episode 1: Orc Huts

HCG's Orc huts were created by terrain guru Owen (aka Pudding Wrestler) Here's how you can make your own at home.

The bit you actually want to read:

First off, cut a rough octagon shape about 10cm across, and 4cm tall from polystyrene. If you don't have polystyrene, you could make the shape from cardboard, foamcore, wood, or even clay. This is the core of the hut.Orc huts Step 1Orc huts Step 1
Now, you can add the support beams, poles and door frame. All of this is made from balsa wood, although you could use skewers or toothpicks instead if you don't have any. You need to put an upright at each corner, as well as making a door frame. You also need the poles which support the roof. These are just pieces of toothpick or skewer which radiate inwards from each upright into the center of the roof. Add one last upright in the middle of the roof where they all meet.



Orc huts Step 2Orc huts Step 2Now it's time for the cloth covering of the hut. Mix up some PVA glue and water in a disposable cup, or margarine container (this stuff is hell to shift when it dries. Don't use mum's best wine glasses!) until it looks like milk. Now, add a few drops of dish washing liquid. Take a facial tissue, cut it to shape, and dip it in the mixture. Let it get good and soaked, and then drape it onto the hut. You'll find that wet tissue sags and folds just like cloth when you apply it. Leave the tissue to dry. You'll know it's dry when it goes hard.



Orc huts step 3Orc huts step 3Now you can add any accessories or decorations you want, like the skull banner top from the Orc Boyz sprue, some skulls and spare weapons leaning against the walls etc.

Now it's time to paint! Undercoat the whole thing black. You can use spray paint, because the polystyrene is no longer exposed (remember; most spray paints and super glue eat polystyrene).



Orc huts step 4Orc huts step 4 For the hut in the example, I have painted the cloth with Snakebite Leather. This was then dry brushed with Bleached Bone, but you can experiment with any color combinations you want!

Have fun! It's YOUR hobby!


The Pudding Wrestler's warning:

Always remember that when you are making terrain, you will be using potentially dangerous kit. Carefully experience. Spray paint and Super glue will melt polystyrene, and while they do it, will give out poisonous fumes. And most important of all: don't make terrain on the dining table with your Mum's best table cloth on it minutes before the guests arrive for a big dinner party. with those knives! Don't chew on the miniatures or drink the paint, and be careful not to glue your fingers together. Hot glue is REALLY hot. Don't touch it. I speak from experience.