Tax return........what to spend it on

Well i have around 900 odd dollars that i can scam from the government in the form of a tax return. A smart and sane person might save this money, however..... i've always dreamed of a Death Korps of Kreig army. The DKK are the most awesome mini's i've ever seen, and their fluff and the feel of the army is IMO the best in the 40k universe. Trench stoming krauts who fight in the 41st millenium...."cue drooling noises". HOWEVER, this army will cost me approximately 600 dollars to order right now, and although i have the money and i desire the mini's....i physically cant click the "confirm order" button on the forgeworld site, its just sooooo opulent.


Anyways, what would you guys do in my situation. Save or splurge? And also any tips on savings etc when it comes to FW? 

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Do it


The Death Korps minis are nuts awesome.

And buy enough so you can do crazeh apocalypse battles. Gogogo.


Small Version of you in a red suit with horns: "Spend the money!"

Small Version of you in a white suit with a halo: "I agree, spend the money!".

$900? That's nothing compared with what I'll get after working full time for only half a year. The system requires me to get a huge truckload of money because of that. What a stupid system... 

screw that

Screw that! are you telling me youre even thinking about spending $600 on toys?!

The obvious thing to do is buy me the following:

10, 000 ghost drops

a mail order bride

 a bottle 'o' rum

 and i guess rights to re-make the 3rd aliens movie, ill just cut the crap out of it and fill up all the footage with lesbian shower scenes and clips of megatron wrecking stuff.

hmmm.....hmmm still


still conflicted, and your saying "dont do it ben"?

Well you already have like

Well you already have like 6000 pts of guard dont you? Thats twice what you need for even an apocalypse game, and youre telling me you want more guard?  wtf

Well i've decided that i

Well i've decided that i really dont wanna blow 600 big ones on 40k, its a huge amount of money and in the end i cant guarantee i'll not regret the purchase. Although the models do look badass.

Start somethign new

Use the 600 to buy a brand new army. No one likes to stick at one thing for ever.

I liek you idea of starting a Fantasy army, but that may have just been your feeling of abandonment with no other 40kers there last week. Hehe

 It'd be cool to have more fantasy opponents. On the other hand, I really need to play some more 40k...


Skaven army cost

Not sure if it was to do with this, but I worked out the Skaven army I tend to use in 2000pts is roughly $680 at GW prices (minus the Giant Rats and assuming you converted a battle standard bearer out of spare Clanrat/Night Runner parts). You'd be able to get it for at least 10% less at Mil Sims/Mindgames/etc, potentially cheaper at sale prices or online. Mil Sims has rather cheap Skaven battalion boxes at the moment, but you'd end up with an awful lot of Plague Monks (pretty good) and Rat Ogres (not so good)...