First off, hi everyone!

As part of GW's support for Apocalypse, they have decided to make some box set specials. Linky: http://uk.games-workshop.com/apocalypse/miniatures-range/1/ Basically they have made some new stuff (Like a plastic Baneblade) but most of what they are doing is bundling multiples things together, like 19 leman russes for 150 pounds. This site - http://www.gwonline.biz/ among others sells them at a discount.

 Essentially, what I was wondering if anyone was interested in sharing a boxed set for Apocalypse, as if you have enough people/people that want enough of one thing, then they are a very good price (considering, :P). I am mostly interested in Imperial Gaurd, Space marine and Tyranid Stuff.

If people come to club on 8th or 15th of September, we might be able to discuss further there.


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