Intra Club Tourney/League

What do you guys think of starting an Intra club tourney/league to find out the best Fantasy player in the club? I reckon just using a round robin stlye where everyone plays everyone and you get points for a win/loss/draw etc and then have a final between the top two players to decide the overall Champion would work fine.

Your thoughts?

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I don't think we need an in-club tournament.

Much more the fun to just play narrative campaigns.


Hey dene, we should start one. I'll wait until I can field my whole orc force painted, then we can start one up.


Hmmm, yeah, not so interested in such a league. I know I'm clearly not the best player at the HCG and I don't hold any false aspirations to have that title. But if the more competitive of us do want to know who is the best in the HGC, please be my guest. I'll just stick to friendlies.



P.S. (Nick, I don't think you're the best in the club...) 

No objection as such, but...

I don't have any objection to something like that as such - Owen had the idea for the 'Cheap Plastic Cup' a while back. Currently, though, I think I'm getting more than my fill of tournament/'competitive' games from all the tournaments I end up going to (ie what seems to be every Fantasy tournament in Melbourne and some outside it). Unless I was going to way fewer external tournaments, I don't think I could work up that much enthusiasm for an internal one, unfortunately.

I would like to do another campaign sometime, though. Anybody feel like running one? :) If people liked the system and rules we used last time I could dig out that online map applet again (or rewrite it, since now even thinking about the 'database' it uses makes me cringe), but I'm more than happy to try something else.

I shall refrain from

I shall refrain from entering such leagues as I will inevitably skew the results. Unless you run an inverse league and I can take up my rightful title of the clubs ceremonial worst long term player.

Sometime we Really should get around to running the Orks VS. Orks tree capagin for 40K Me and Drew where thinking of last year. I should finsih the 40K railway for it which is obviously a Very Good Thing. 

Well I’m clearly the best

Well I’m clearly the best warhammer player at the club! This is now even clearer now that I’m away and no one will be able to test this leet skill of mine. 

On a more serious note I don’t think a tournament always shows the best player. In a club situation where we have much longer than just one weekend to show who is the best I think its pretty clear already who we would all rate as the best players. For example if my last games against Deno, You (nick), Greg, Pete and ben were all combined into a tournament score I would walk away with 4 wins and one loss grumble nurgle grumble, but that win against deno was over a year old :P and petes was a while back too any way I’m rambling but the point is we have the luxury of not having 1 game to decide who is best we can have many! like when we are gearing up for an upcoming tournament so just use those games as a judge and play more campaigns they are by far the best! Last one rocked! Well for everyone but poor lizardmen (no one showing up).

Hurrah, see ya form the land of the 18degree summer (London)

I'm not really interested...

I am also somewhat burnt out from so many tournaments this year, and there are still more to come. I also don't much care who is the "best" player, so I don't think I would enter something like that if it was run.

I'd be happy to play in a campaign, although I think I would want the system to be different from last time. I'm also happy to try narrative campaigns, larger games, or even a mini-tournament using random or rotating armies. We need to do more battle reports, too.

Battle Reports

I do like the idea of more of them. As soon as I get my orcs good and done (maybe even in time for GT at this point), I'll put them in all the battle reports you like.

My wyvern will stand out wherever it goes! 

That's because it cheats by

That's because it cheats by standing on an inches-tall base...

 There is no reason we couldn't even do a larger battle report, however we'd need sizeable presentable armies, which are a harder commodity to come by.

We could run a Dean-esque

We could run a Dean-esque game and have one big battle and get someone taking photo's of it, as long as we did it on a long week and got things sorted out the week beforehand it should run alright. I reckon it would look really good having all the different armies on the table, as long as they're painted that is. We could do it in a good vs evil style ie
Tomb Kings - Nick
High Elves - Ben
Empire - Dene
Wood Elves - Greg
Wood Elves - Greg/Max

Vampires - Pete
Daemons - Dino
Vampires - Ben
Orcs/Gobbos -  Drew
Gobbos - Noakes

Id be pretty down with

Id be pretty down with organising something like this for the 40k players, but thatll mean we'll have to start showing up! :P


Thats right! More 40k people come down! Maybe we could do some sort of campaign over a series of weeks and a series of scenario's?