750 pt 40k tourny coming up

Emporer's Champion is a new tournament for 40k this year, offering a 750pt 'highlander knockout' style format.

 The usual 40k tournygoers will be there(myself, garrat, jack, steve and danny), but we'd like to see some more hamptoners represented! 




If youre interested check out  http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37374&st=0

Or ask me or Jack about it at the club! 

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Could be fun

MAybe I'll be upfor that, but I won't lower myself to playing on a longest table event.
What is with 40kers playing these massive table games?
No self-respecting fantasy player would ever do that! Not ever!


I'll think about it, but the timing might be a bit bad.

What are these tournies usually like? I havent been to one before, so just wondering what to expect. Also kinda depends on whether I can buy and paint up enough stuff by that time. BTW, with these types of things, would any of you 40kers there suggest DH or Nids?


bam suckaz

tornys are like kicking your most hated foe in the nutz

they rock

and for your army alan nids have a habbit of doing well  in smaller games

Steves on the money there,

Steves on the money there, nids can make some damn nasty 750pt lists.


Have a chat to us today Alan if you think youre ready to take the plunge into tourny play, its usually a lot friendlier than youd expect(yay sports scores).