Medieval II Total War... or should i say, Warhammer II Total War

Seen as I have not been to the club for a while, I am not sure whether this is common knowledge or not (so please forgive me if it is)

Remember the old attempt to mod Rome TW, well a new team is giving MEII TW ago and it moving along at a rapid pace. Their developing a campaign game which, if the mod gets finished, I am looking forward to playing. Anyway here's some pics...

Tomb Kings


Personally my favourite models so far.


Red beards

Bone Giant


stegadon Black Orks

Can anyone guess what this is going to be???

Anyway, you can get more info at

Bean, out.

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Sorry about all the

Sorry about all the pictures, i kind of got carried away... But they are cool :) 


The mighty and all powerful, wizard of Bean


Sounds good.

 They won't have much work to do on Empire units this time though, heh

or brets

or brets

Tomb Kings, ZOMG!!

Tomb Kings, ZOMG!!