TopherPlus looking for 40K game this Sat (20th)

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After switching jobs and buying a house i've managed to locate and unpack my gaming gear.

Looking to try to find someone to play a 901 pt 40k game or two in prep for ][ con in December.

Is the club gaming that day, and if so...anyone up for a run v the sisters? armata_PDT_36.gif

(Armoured Company not welcome after the last pummeling I received.)

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Hey, always good to see someone new. Especially if they play another ][ army (DH myself) XD.

I'll make a 901 list, but I'm not sure if I can make it this Sat, what with cricket, and exams on Tuesday. Just be aware that it opens at 2:00 this week (every third saturday it opens at 2).

If I cant make it, i'll look forward to playing the warrior nuns another time ;)

I'll give you a game or 3

I'll give you a game or 3 with my necrons and my nids. I'm also practicing for Arcanacon so i got my 1200pt nids here as well.

Not for me

Sorry, I'm dusting off my stardestroyer scratch-builds to play some BFG.

I'm there!

Okey dokey...i'll bring a 901 pt and a 1200 pt list and see who's free.

Mech sisters attack.  (no comments about women drivers)