Gamer Profile: The Pudding Wrestler

The Pudding Wrestler!The Pudding Wrestler!True Name: Owen P. Top

Aka: Pudding Wrestler, El Puddingero, Grabthug Da Slava, Nurgh'leth Kavash Vaar, Lord Putriidiuos the Foul, Warchief Spang Magakan, Felonious Festus, Shady Zeke the Hack, and numerous others I've forgotten...

Games Played: Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda, Mordhiem, Battle Fleet Gothic, Blood Bowl (just not much) Zombies!!!, DND (not much at all really), anything else which turns up...

Games Created: Bounty Hunter (about which the less said the better!) Bounty Hunter 2 (work in progress - a SF patch for the DND 3.0 rules) APOCALYPSO!

Armies/Gangs/Warbands/Groups of Nutters:


  • Waaagh! Grabthug: Somewhere around 2500 points of Orcs and Goblins, including the mighty Squiggoth!
  • Clan Vaar: About 2000 points of Nurgle Chaos warriors.

Warhammer 40,000:

  • The Sons of Filth: 1500 or so points of Chaos Marines, designed for the older version codex, so they don't quite fit the new version. They are Nurgle marked.
  • The Chandorax XIVth Heavy Mechanized Infantry: 2000 or so points worth of Lost and the Damned, including something like 50-60 mutants and big mutants.
  • Waaagh! Rogsnot: 2nd/early 3rd edition orks. Now defunct and undergoing conversion to:
  • Waaagh! Magakan: The very beginnings of a Feral Ork army, which can also be used as a Normal ork army, by removing the squiggoths and inserting truks etc.


  • The Geriatrics: A bunch of over-the-hill Goliaths with a worrying obsession for purple spandex.
  • The Fiendish Followers of Felonious Festus: Scavies. Also used as Mutants for LATD.
  • Ladies of the Night: A random bunch of female figures from Eureka which I use as Eschers.


  • Abortive Orcs: Never got them to work to well...
  • Middenhimers: Much better! All those big hammers! Mmmm.... Big Hammers!


  • Orks. They really need to be renovated, and I have to finish the Hulk I was making...

Favorite Game: Necromunda, although there are no Orks in it!

Favorite part of the Hobby: Terrain making, or crazy vehicle building

Favorite Quote: It's Dark in the Dark when it's Dark (old Ogre proverb)

Member since: 2002

Playing since: About 1996... I have every WD since issue 190, so I started reading about a year or two before gaming.

Real job: Student/Web designer/Web Admin/Spare parts salesman...

Tournament record: Cancon 2006. My first tournament ever. 33rd of 46. Won half my games, which is about twice my usual annual winning average!

Favorite Model: Changes all the time! Usually the most recent ridiculous conversion I've done. I guess at the moment it's my new Ork Trukk, although the Squiggoth is a perennial fav. Oh, and the Hippo of Doom...

Favorite Film: Again, it changes all the time! Versus is damn good (it's Japanese in case you're wondering), Life Force rocked, Plan 9 from Outer Space is a sentimental favorite. Usually I say Brazil, it saves me from having to decide.

Links: - my home page. - sort of my business. We never get round to doing anything. - where I get msot of my silly minis.