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Gamer Profile - Ben

True Name: Ben Johnson

aka: 'waargh' on forums

Games Created: GROT WARS

Games Played: warhammer 40k, gettin' into DnD



Gamer Profile: The Pudding Wrestler

The Pudding Wrestler!The Pudding Wrestler!True Name: Owen P. Top

Aka: Pudding Wrestler, El Puddingero, Grabthug Da Slava, Nurgh'leth Kavash Vaar, Lord Putriidiuos the Foul, Warchief Spang Magakan, Felonious Festus, Shady Zeke the Hack, and numerous others I've forgotten...

Games Played: Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda, Mordhiem, Battle Fleet Gothic, Blood Bowl (just not much) Zombies!!!, DND (not much at all really), anything else which turns up...