Gamer Profile - Ben

True Name: Ben Johnson

aka: 'waargh' on forums

Games Created: GROT WARS

Games Played: warhammer 40k, gettin' into DnD



Armies/Gangs/Warbands/Groups of Nutters:

Warhammer 40,000:

  • Deathguard - 1850 pts
  • Vanilla Orks - 1000 pts(sold)
  • Spec Ops Cadre(tau) - 1200 pts (sold)
  • Lost and the Damned - around 1500 pts(depending on what stuff i steal from the deathguard), 50's 'creature from the black lagoon theme, 25 big muties :D
  • Dark Eldar - 1200 pts
  • Alpha Legion - 1850 pts, pirates theme, scratchbuilt landraider/pirate galleon
  • Nurgle Themed Tau - 1000 pts....chaos possessed tau theme
  • Splinter Fleet Zerg - Tyranids - 500-750 pts......still a WIP
  • Vanilla Marines - Aztec Themed - 850 pts (sold)
  • WAARGH Zul'Jin - Feral Orks - currently at 750....still WIP

Favorite Game: 40k, although i havent played much else...more from lack of any motivation to learn.....vampire counts are looking sexier and sexier though..

Favorite part of the Hobby: Converting and painting crazy themed armies

Favorite Quote: Its on like donkey kong.

Member since: 2004

Playing since: 1999

Real job: Year 12 bum

Tournament record: ][con 2005, team tourny, (dark eldar) 26th out of 50, Judgement Day 2006, (feral orks) 13th out of 50, encouragement award thingy (yay free paint and magnets! :P)

Favorite Model: Of my own? i dunno....have a dark eldar talos converted from a penitent engine probably.

Favorite Film: Lord of the Rings i guess