On the Outer

Until further notice, the club will be held in the Ivison and Courtyard Rooms, rather than the main hall. This is because there are other bookings that require more space than us. This is likely to be a long-term change. If you have any questions, let me know.

Knights of the Round Tables

Apparently we will be in the side room again this week, and our usual tables have been booked along with the hall. We will therefore be making use of the Great Round Tables (TM) that are normally stored away from prying eyes. Obviously this is less than ideal for wargaming, but I think the area will still be large enough.

Anyway, it was this or try to cancel at the 11th hour, so we shall bravely soldier on and hope for the best. Knights of the Round Tables, ho!!

- Greg

Games Club Cancelled This Week!! (3/3/2007)

Unfortunately the HCC have managed to double-book us again, so we have to cancel. Please let anyone know who might care. We'll be back again next week.

Club starts again 3rd February

The club starts up again on Saturday the 3rd of February. Same times as usual - 12:00pm-6:00pm, except on the third Saturday of each month, when it's 2:00pm-6:00pm.

Club not held over Christmas break

As the Hampton Community Center is closed over the Chrismas-New Years break, the club's not on either. Saturday the 9th of December is the last day it's on this year. The club should start up again around the beginning of February - check back closer to then for more details.

Axeremastered: Warhammer Fantasy tournament

(or the tournament formerly known as Axemaster)

As the title suggests, this tournament is being run in the place of Axemaster, to prevent the sudden gap in the gaming calendar. It is being run with the full backing of Military Simulations, whose assistance is appreciated.

Axeremastered is a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament to be held on the 11th and 12th of November 2006 at the Hampton community centre. The tournament consists of 6 games played over the two days and costs $30 to enter.

CHANGED: Club now not on 23rd September

The community center's given us some updated details of when the center will be closed. The club won't be held on Saturday the 23rd of September. It will be held on Saturday the 30th (ignore what this message used to say).

The Ten Commandments of HGC

And lo, in the sixth year of his reign didst El Presidente Gregor ascended Mount Hamptonius and didst speak unto Glod. And Glod said unto him “Let there be a number of commandments for the ruling of your club, and let them number ten. Yea: ten commandments shall there be, and in their number shall they be ten. Not nine, nor eleven. Twelve is right out of it. And I shall give unto thee these commandments” But El Presidente didst understand not, for Glod was a Dwarf, and spake unto him in Khazalid, the tongue of the Dwarves.

But yea, didst Glod give unto him two stone tablets, graven with the words of his will, and El Presidente didst take them to the wise ones known as Pete and Owen, and they didst scribe and toil many moons to translate the following:

Note from the HCC

We recently got a note from the Hampton Community Center with a few reminders in it, which I thought I should pass on here. We're not allowed to be use the kitchen, so if people could please stay out of there, that'd be good. We're also not meant to use the phone out the front - if you need to call people, there are phone boxes on the main street nearby (that or bring a mobile). While I'm at it, if you could throw any plastic bags/empty bottles/old chip packets/etc in the bin on the way out, it'll save other people having to later on (there are bins out the front). Thanks for the help, and let us know if you need help finding a phone or the bins or anything.

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