2000pts Chaos Vs Ogres and Skaven

Ogres and Skaven

Chaos Mortals


Grug woke to find something wasn't right. Sniffing the air to make sure, Grug came to a horrible realisation. There was no meat left after last nights feast. The very thought made him feel uneasy and hungry. Leaving his heavy Tenderiser in the den Grug gathered a hunting party. Gathering a group of Bulls and Irongutz for killing, lead belchers for entertainment and some gnoblars for carrying loot he set off to find something to eat. Along the his way to the valleys below he met up with some skaven and rather then eating them on the spot Grug decided to throw rocks at them first. Picking up a decent sized chunk of green rock Grug through it at the closest skaven knocking it off its feet. The skaven was bowled through the slave goblins and staggerd to his feet. Just as he was about to run away the skaven looked in awe at the rock in his paws; and started screeching with delight. Grug peered at this strange creature as it hugged the boalder he had thrown at it. Then a robed skaven at the head of the party elbowed the skaven out of the way and clutched the rock. He asked what Grug wanted in exchange for this chunk of warpstone. "Food". The plauge priest asked Grug if he wanted the skavens help, Grug decided that these crazy Skaven who liked having rocks thrown at them could make good allies and accepted the offer, besides the monk rats smelled abit diseased for eating.

As this alliance was being made a group of Chaos Warriors came over the hill and Grug the Tactle thought it very conveniant for the food to come to him.

Liam's chaos list apprx

1 exalted champion with hellfire sword (d6 wounds per hit) on a horse

1 hero with great weapon

1 hero with great weapon

16 chaos warriors with shields and full command
with 1 hero

18 chaos warriors with shields and full command
with 1 hero

!5! Dragon Ogres

1 chariot

8 chosen chaos knights of undivided


Nick's (me) Ogres

1 Bruiser with extra hand weapon

3 Bulls with 2 hand weapon Standard and musician
with Bruiser

3 Bulls with 2 hand weapon and musician

5 Iron Gutz with champ and standard with warbanner

2 leadbelcher with champ

30 gnoblar

= slightly over 1000

Nick's Skaven

1 Plauge priest with weaping blade (+1 strength and d3 wounds)

20 plauge monks with 2 hand weapons, full command, banner of burning hatred (hatred, has to run towards the enemy on a roll of 1 2 or 3)

25 Clan rats with spears and full command

25 Clan rats with full command

25 Clan rats with full command

20 slaves

20 slaves

= less then 1000

(from my perspective)

On the right flank were Liam's knights and i put opposite them the lead belchers, a unit of bulls and some clan rats

In the center were the Irongutz and plauge monks, both these had slave units in front to hopefully soak up charges and magic. In the hill in the centre the chaos warriors lined up looking very scary

On the left flank the 5 Dragon Ogres faced the gnoblars and 2 more clan rat units.

Early Game

My initial plan was to walk about 8 inches behind the slaves and use them to get the charge with the Iron Gutz and Monks. This plan immeadiatly went wrong when I rolled bad for the banner of hatred and the monks surged forward just behind the slaves I moved the Iron Gutz up to try and support the monks. On the right the Lead Belchers shuffled forward slightly just to look cool and I tried to figure out where to put my bruisers bull unit. On the left the gnoblars were being jeered at by the clanrats and shuffled forward to try and look brave.

I had a nasty surprise when the Dragon Ogres zipped a full 14 inches into the gnoblars. I'd originally suspected they had the same speed as other ogres but i guess they do have 4 legs lol. The gnoblars were either very brave or very stupid and they decided to hold.
The knights trotted forward trying to line up a charge. The warriors stayed stationary.

The mages tried to get the plauge monks to kill each other but i dispelled it. The secound mage cast it again and it killed 2 monks. The dragon ogres beat the gnoblars but failed to catch them and consolidated into the flank of the clan rats.
The plauge monks had anouther sprinting session and again moved just behind the slaves For reasons unknown I moved the Irongutz up as well.
The 2 lead belchers fired into the chosen knights and killed 4 ouch
The dragon ogres mashed the clan rats but failed to catch them as they ran.

Seeking revenge the knights charged the lead belchers who fled back to re load.
The chaos warriors and chariot charged into the slaves mashing them. The smaller warrior unit and chariot consolidated into the Irongutz and the other chaos warrior unit rolled into the monks.
The Dragon Ogres wheeled to face the back of the Iron Gutz

The sorcerer challenged the plague priest and promptly fluffed his attacks. The crazy rat lashed at him with the weaping blade, scoring 3 wounds and killing the chaos hero. The chaos warriors caused no damage, and despite their shields and heavy armour suffered 2 casualties. The unit broke and was run down. The chariot and warriors killed 4 Irongutz and the last one was run down by the chariot.

Having reloaded their cannons the lead belchers killed 2 more knights. The plague monks turned to face back the way they came and the clan rats rallied. The gnoblars fled 4 inches staying 0.5 inches from the board edge.

The remaining 2 knights and the lord tried to charge the 3 man ogre unit but the ogres fled leaving the unit open to a flanking charge by the lead belchers and a front charge by the clan rats.
The Dragon ogres did some strange weeling that didn’t really do very much. The Chariot and remaining chaos warrior unit turned to face the monks.

The Lead belchers and clan rats charged the knights. On the other flank the clan rats with spears and the rats who rallied last turn charged the Dragon ogres in the back. The Gnoblars and the 3 man ogre unit rallied. The Bruisers bull unit moved towards the knights.
The Dragon ogres heavily beat up the rallied clan rats and ran them down. The unit with spears fled but stayed on the board. The Lead Belchers bashed up the last 2 knights and the lord chopped up a couple of clan rats. The lord fled and managed to dodge both the Lead belchers and the clan rats.

Liam was not taking any chances with the Skitzo rat and his plague monk unit. The chariot charged and directed all its impact hits and attacks at the Plauge priest killing him twice over. The warriors beat up the monks but the unit held on with a snake eyes break test.

The lord rallied and the dragon ogres wheeled so that neither the spear wielding rats or gnoblars could get a flank charge.
The warriors managed to beat the monks and the chariot ran them down. The lord charge into the bruisers unit and killed two bulls. The Bruiser, Grug the Tactical and his standard bearer managed to escape the Chaos lord and ran diagonally across the board towards the dragon ogres.

Over the last couple of turns…

The Gnoblars chucked every spoon and kitchen sink in the old world at the Dragon Ogres knocking of 1 wound from 42 shots lol
The Warriors charged the clan rats who spooked the lord. The Chariot charged Lead belchers and finally ended their insane effectiveness in the face of some of the most dangerous knights in Warhammer. The spear rats got a flank charge on the Dragon Ogres and beat them but didn’t catch them.

The survivors were

Grug the tacticle
1 bull
23 Skaven Clan rats with spears

1 Chaos Lord
1 Chariot with 3 wounds left
15 Chaos Warriors
1 Chaos sorcerer
5 Dragon Ogres, one with a severe spoon wound

The game was great fun with a couple of notable key points.

The Leadbelchers killing all the chosen knights
The lord getting away from both the Leadbelchers and the clan rats
The Dragon ogre escaping the spear wielding clan rats

And of course Grug the Tacticls survival

Grug's mission was a total success. With just him and his standard bearer left to eat breakfest and plenty of Gnoblar waiters Grug was feeling very proud of his Tacticl skill. On his table lay 8 horses and many a skaven for his sandwich and the chaos warrior for desert. With all this aliance making before breakfest Grug decided he deserved a big meal. Hmmm what will Grug eat for Lunch?

I'll hopefully have a rematch next week and will see if Grug's plans will work out

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