An ancient Dwarven Curse webdesigner's curse!

An ancient dwarvenm curse upon Pete and his evil April fools day redesign of the club site. May he be struck down by the sacred Hammer of Grungni, may Grimnir set his nostril ahirs alight, and may Valaya do something fairly destructive to his colon. The mighty clan Ironfoundersson shall bear a terrible Cyber-space grudge against him and all his works until next april fools day.

Signed: Sven Svennsenn; Runesmith to the Clan Ironfoundersson (they where all so appoplectic with rage as to be unable to write thier own grudges.)

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Haha, I didn't see it on the

Haha, I didn't see it on the day but Pete just showed me. I think its awesome, makes me want to re-paint the Tomb Kings sitting infront of me.

Who did the what now?

What I just said