Club Shirts

Hey guys, I think we need to organise somthing regarding the club shirts, or more specifically which day to wear them at tournaments. I often find there isn't enough time to wash my shirt between 2 tournament days, so which day would you guys (and christie) prefer to wear them.

I personally think day 2 is the best option, that way when we all go up to collect our various prizes we have the club shirts on.

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you mean you wash your

you mean you wash your shirt?

You mean you win prizes...

You mean you win prizes...

"You mean you win

"You mean you win prizes..."

Haha, you ask Ben or Dino how many prizes they've won, I reckon ben has more prizes than you have tanks mate.

Hmmm....a fine

Hmmm....a fine boast...however there is only one way to settle such an argument.....


I CHALLENGE YOU TO A RACE AROUND THE me in piccadilly square at 12:00 in 80 days....and i'm off! 


Nick, you are neither Ben *or* Dino. This makes your comeback less snappy.

Pah, turns out I win

Pah, turns out I win trophies aswell, just not as many as Dino or Ben.

Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow sam and I will bring home the trophy, which means we have to come first, as coming second only gets you a cheap certificate.

ANd GW don't give out vouchers for victory, which I find a bit lame. They wouldn't want to hurt their sales or anything, and if I'm getting free stuff, that's money I'm not spending!