Relative newbie

Hey people.

I've dropped by HGC once for a quick match, but due to my wedding getting in the way of my life i haven't gamed for a while.

I play 40k (Sisters and am painting a SM army too) and have a BFG fleet (haven't played yet).

Anyway, am thinking of dropping in again sometime if I can organise a match. 

Hope to see you around.

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Drop in man, i'll be there

Drop in man, i'll be there with my Armoured company at least....maybe my guard too if i'm feelin lucky...........


but i'll be a lil hung over so you'll probably win too!

Nah, i have a habit of

Nah, i have a habit of forgetting to use my faith points!

 Still the huge cavalry charge in rhinos is always fun to watch, and at least i can lose with style.




I'll try and remember my BFG fleet, though I havn't used ti for a while. This means I'll not be up to speed on the rules- I'll need to actually remind myself how to play...

Come to think of it, I havn't seen any of the BFG terrain in quite some time... We'll have to work out where it all is.

I do have a 40k army., but I think my rules knowledge is just as shakey as it is with BFG. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my guard army at the momet. I have been doing that for nearly a year and a half now...