Really ridiculous conversion ideas.

I know I've put a post up about reall crazy conversions before, but that was for stuff we'd done or seen. This is for things we've only thought about! 

So what crazy conversion ideas have you had which through no fault of your own never made it into real minis (hey - we can't all afford fourteen great unclean ones to make a full scale version of Nurgle!)

Here are some of mine:

    The Nautalis: A fully operational, floating, working (although porbably not submerging) Dwarf Submarine with Radio Control for pacifying local lakes.

    The Belcher of Doom! (A Puddingero/Hoodlin co-creation) The anvil of doom does not fit my theme - so I'll have a dwarf who burps various notes of power! Using the old Blood BOwl slayer model and some crafty conversions...

    Night Goblin Slug Riders: Why would NG's ride Wolves? Why not slugs! (A silly idea I had when discussing Aaron's propsed all NG army)

    Killer Kan Kombo: Take one Killer Kan, one Tau Battlesuit and a sentinel. Mix well for personalised Killer Kan goodness!

    And of course, many more lost in the mists of time, cause I never get round to writing them down curse it! One or two of these may see the light of day. Some may be totally imractical (you can't use a Dwarf Submarine in a normal fantasy battle, let alone one designed to actually work!)  Now I want to know what crazy ideas you lot have had! COnfess all! No matter how silly! All Snotling Hordes! Dwarfs on stilts! Skaven of Clan Preen (A clan of hairdressers who specialise in very groomed appearences!) anything! I promis eto to laugh. Well, not to your face anyway.

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The Black Couch

The dreaded Black Couch, the idea for which came from messenger misspelling. Borne forth upon the hellish geometries of its infernal castor wheels, this sable-upholstered apparition of doom would be driven by the entrapped wraiths of those cursed to watch Neighbours upon it. As they would stay enthralled until the end of the show's run, they'd be there for a tortured eternity.

Where to begin?

Oh god, if only I could make everything I've ever wanted to make. And no sooner had I said, I was unable to think of anything to actually back it up.

The 40k couterparts to my Law daemon army. Including blue and gold rhinos and marines.

The Daemonic Legion upgrade to my Daemonic Horde. Still needing a lawful fersion of heavy daemonic cavalry, as well as chariots and all the other cool bits.  Was thinking of building 'horrors' out of high elf archers. Just have their hands all waving about looking magical.

Bretonnian Blood Dragon army. As a tournament army, I'd make it compatible with both lists (either bret or VC), but I'd make up some fiendishly unbalanced rules to combine both lists. Undead heavy cavalry rising in a lance. Hell yes! Cursed grail knights (now there's walking irony). Necromantic Damsels (isn't it funny how in movies, when women go evil, they ivariably get more promiscuous?).

A vinci (RoL) empire army. Mechanical Man Giant anyone?

A chaos dwarf army. Combining marauder, chaor warrior and dwarf parts would be cool. Getting giant oldschool chaos dwarf hats would be oh so much cooler! 

Too many ideas, not enough time or money... 


Well....after my last

Well....after my last attempt at gettin a baneblade off Ebay...and getting screwed! I have decided to scratchbuild my own....thats right, in the end it will probably suck and be out of scale, but i need a relatively cheap project, so this is it.....

That sucks

How did you get screwed? Did you lose lots of money. That bites...


Brettonian stuff...

I too have always fancied an undead Brettonian army. And then there was the original idea for my orcs - Brettonian Orcs who have seen how the brets fight and are emulating it  - so some sort of all cav Orc army with heraldry... Of course, at the time I could not aford the boar boyz, and I still can't!

The claim is stillbeing

The claim is stillbeing process by paypal, but it looks like i get my money back. The idiot claims he"lost" the postage reciept.

Eediot (the seller, not you)

I don't do a lot of business on Ebay, but I've never had any problems. Actually, one guy baught some stuff off me, but never got round to paying. No loss- I didn't send anything to him.

I'd like to theme an army to be like another one. Bret orcs would be cool as well. Buy trebuchets instead of rock lobbers.


I once saw an entire 2000pt guard infantry army (120 ish models) made entirely of skaven, and guard accessories. Was probably the best mass conversions i've ever seen. Also so another guy who made lost and the damned army out of skeleton warriors.

You havn't seen...

hen does that mean you havn't seen Tom Miller's (I hope that is his name!) Cathayan army? EVERYTHING has been converted from GW minis. He's got an entire empire army made up of heaps of other stuff, all converted to look like samurai. There's infantry cavalry, handguns, artillery, a dogs of war dragon (one of the best conversions I have seen in the flesh.
Easily the best mass conversion I have ever seen. Hey- it won players choice for best army at three major WFB tournaments in a row. That's how little people got over it by the next tournament.



Still, a skaven guard army sounds pretty cool. I was gonna make a feudal world guard army. Get a bunch of empire handgunners, give them all the lasguns I have left over, and use steam tank bits to convert the IG tanks. Heavy weapons would be made from helblasters and the rocket launchers. Could have been cute, but It's a pretty old idea now. I have since made two regular guard armies. 

The NSH Black Widow

Actually, I am currently working on a very ridiculous conversin - The NSH (Necorundan Spider Hunter) Black Widow - one of the ships used by down hive scum to hunt and kill the giant necromundand raft spider for it's valuble eyes - think Whaling meets Necro! (it's in the out landers rule book somewheres) 

It's am old trading ship, about 15 inches long in the model form, which has been converted to a spider hunter by Cap'n Redback Jack - so a lot of extra armor and harpoon guns! The mdoel is made from balsa, card and plasticard, and at the moment, I've got the basic hull structure done, and I've started to build up the detailing. It's basically a display piece, but it'll be noiminally useable for terrain.

And since I'll have the ship I've been thinking about making a crew! I'm thinking a mix of Cadian, Militia and Peasant parts, so they will have long coats, sea-faring hats and techny bits. Sort of 40K meets Cap'n Ahab! 

A gold doubloon...

"A gold doubloon to tha' man who first spies the white whale!"

"Big whale over there!"

"Arrr, I saw it first." <pockets coin>