Hey guys.

I've been working on a post apocalyptic RPG (and no Nick, this does not replace the SF DND mod i was doing, it's juts beaten it to press) called APOCALYPSO! It's fast playing, does not require a DM/GM (Dungeon Master or Games master to the uninitiated), has very simple rules and is mostly card driven. The first version is basically ready for beta testing this weekend if anyone fancies a bash at it. You will get the opportunity to play mighty heroes with silly names (including a warrior Nun and a Pimp), rampage through post-apocalyptic bunkers, and kill hordes of beasties.

You don't need to provide anything, I've got all the required minis (well, mostly, we can proxy!).

There's a preview version of the rules on my site at pwi.awardspace.com

It's not exactly the same as the version we'll be testing, I suddenyl realised I'd forgotten to write in a few rules, but the basics of the game is all there. Take a look.

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Due to unforeseen

Due to unforeseen circumstances (like playing Necromunda), there was no opportunity to test APOCAYLPSO! on Saturday. But it will be tested this saturday! Rally round the table oh ye fans of the post apocalyptic genre! 

Also, the first complete version of the rules is finished, and should be getting posted to my website in the next few days.