Now I know alot of people from around the club have been looking into going to axemaster in imid november, but unfortunatly for currently undisclosed reasons it have been cancelled. This sucks because Komplete Fanatic got cancelled aswell earlier this year. Will post updates whenever possible.

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Beware! 5-model chaos army

Beware! 5-model chaos army will (probably) go ahead! heh heh heh.

hey, so in relation to our

hey, so in relation to our axe master replacement tourny, im gonna get the HGC shirts ready ( hopefully) .. this is not a post askin for colour ideas or anything, cause that just turns the whole thread into a knitting circle, so im gonna be making some executive decisions about all that. what IS going to happen is that they are going to be polo shirts cause thats much classyer then tshirts. So now id like to start getting an idea of who's interested in getting a club shirt ill tentatively say 30 bucks tops? but right now im not sure what they will cost as it will probably be cheaper the more ppl who want one.

I would be interested in a

I would be interested in a shirt. Christie would also be, although if it came in a female cut then she would prefer something like that.

I my self shall purchase one

I my self shall purchase one of these classy shirts. I shall wear it while knitting in a circular motion.

As shall I, well my Mum will

As shall I, well my Mum will anyway?
Any ideas what they will look like?

I guess sizes shouldn't be a problem, if you can fit owen you can fit me :)

Bah! A 3 man tent will fit

Bah! A 3 man tent will fit me! But we'd both look silly in one! Size is all important! 


hey so we're lookin at either dark blue with orange trim or a maroon colour with a yellowy trim, ill keep eveyrone posted


The shirty things

I htought you said no discussion of colour? I think the colours should match the page, or ther other way around, whcihever is easier.  Just gives mroe identity if there are 'club colours'.

Yeah, I'm in too.  

you darn kids (shakes fist)

you darn kids (shakes fist) get off my lawn!

on a more constructive note,

on a more constructive note, i have looked at over 400 ish polo shirt options, and navy and gold seems to be the best look. with the best options. samples are being orderd in in the coming week for me to check out, keep you posted.