Ferrum Equus

Those amongst you with knowledge of latin may have deduced from the title that I am once more wokring on the infamous 40K Railway. I've got a new set (out of a show bag no less!) which is fairly crap, but it isenabling me to build a new and mighty fusion driven engine - the Altus Vero Ferrum Equus, pride of the Adpetus Mechanicus.  If anyone has any spare imperial vehicle bits let me know. I'm after hatches, weapons and accessroies mostly.

Also after ping-pong balls or similar sized spheres and domes, anythign for 'O' gauge railways etc. 

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haha for those of you who

haha for those of you who dont know what hes talking about 

 ferrum -ferrus= latin for iron ( check the periodic table if u dont beleive me) 

and equus- equine= latin for pony!! equite = roman pony rider

Indeed yes., For the less

Indeed yes., For the less latanically gifted, or those who can't be bothered using a translator Altus Vero Ferrum Equus means High Speed Iron Horse; ie: a train (The american indians called trains the 'Iron Horse')

I've fixed the coupling bug i was having, so it's all systems go now.

I have lots of bits, but

I have lots of bits, but I'll need tim eto dig for them (thing of orks from GorkaMorka- I need to dig up scrap to build stuff out off. Now if I can jsut get it all back to mecktown without those pesky Morkers ambushing me).

 It'll mainly be bits off the old imp sprue.

There are now some pics of

There are now some pics of the Ferrum Equus up on my site. Go check them out.