Axey master-type.

So a couple of questiosns about axe master, they'd probably be better on a public forum, but I'm a little too apathetic to do that.

 First question: Does the Grimgor's 'ard boys (I can't rememeber the real name) list get outdated by they new O&G book? It's in storm of chaos, which is legit, but I was just thinking that particular list may have been superseded. Doesn't really affect me, as I have no such army- but I know there are some out there who may want to know. It shouldn't really be a problem- the only loss would be the idol of Gork- you can get those fours units of black orcs now no problems with the standard list.


Second Question: Are magic item restrictions based on mode of transport (ie, mounted/on foot) only considered when buying the item or when using it? EG, if my mounted warboss gets his wyvern shot out form under, can he continue to stick pigs (or elves) with his pigstikker? Whilst I liked the club's ruling on Saturday (21/10) (saying that once I posess the item, it contunies to work regardless of how I am moving (although you lose the +1 S 'spear' bonus for that items as you are no longer cavalry)), I thought it may go against the spirit of the rules. Clearly my boss couldn't run with sufficient momentum to sitck multiple things) The restriction only states 'mounted characters', but never specifies if this is for use of or merely purchase of the weapon. I'd be happy with either ruling, as long as it was consistent. 




And to all those people to whom I said I don't put much faith in large monsters, I was lying- especially now that wyverns don't use up any hero slots! And the nerw psychology sharing rules (as much as they don't really seem necessary to me) make the wyvern super appealing! Plus I get to do a conversion on an existing dragon model, or try and find one of the awesome classic wyverns (the current pregnant one doesn't really appeal). Or I could just try and steal Greg's while he isn't looking...

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Decrees and the rest

Hear ye, hear ye (and all that). My rulings are...

The Ardboyz list was designed for the old Orc and Goblin rulebook. As such, if you want to use it, it goes with that army book. The same applies with the Slayer list - it uses the old Dwarf army book. This is to overcome any issues with conflicting stats, points values, magic items, and the like.

Magic items can still be used, unless there are specific rules preventing it. As you say, a spear could still be used on foot, however a lance could not.

I did have 2 of the old wyverns, but Ben took the head of one for his "chaos" dragon, so unfortunately he doesn't really look the business anymore... 

I don't know. A headless

I don't know. A headless zombie Wyvern could be sort of cool...

And I decree that an orc CAN run with sufficient momentum to stick pigs if he really wants to. And the pigs are running towards him. And he has a tail wind.

None of this is relevant to the rules. Just thought I should mention it. 

Goes without saying:

I thought I'd just make the point fro extreme clarification, but does this mean you can still use either of those old books, but only in the event that you wish to use a SoC army?

So you couldn't rock up with an old list regular O&G army?

That's right. Otherwise you

That's right. Otherwise you have to use the new rules.