Axeremastered (Praise)

First I just have to give a big Thanks to Greg who put that whole thing together, it was great fun as far as tournaments go. Maybe it was the small, intimate group or the fact that it was all on home turf, but I really enjoyed the whole weekend I and I can probably speak for others. So again, cheers Greg, very tidy work.

Also a big thanks to Owen, who gave up the chance to use his orcs and goblins, and lets noaksey trash them instead (in a very friendly manner apparently). Despite putting in my BPs backwards (alright, who payed you?!), I'm sure you played no small part in oiling the tournament machine.

 Good work eveyone, great weekend.

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Thanks to everyone

Last time we ran a tournament (some years ago now), it felt like an immense amount of work, and not really worth the effort. This time it was a bit different. Apart from the huge hurry in which everything was sorted, the real difference was the number of people who pitched in with the organisation.

I count at least 10 different people who had a hand in helping the tournament work on the weekend, whether it was on the day or beforehand. Thankyou to all those people; it's made me more confident we may do it again in the not-so-distant future.

No one PAID me to put your

No one PAID me to put your results in backwards. It was a sacred and very religious act in honour of the gods of chaos. Then you pointed it out, curse you, and once again Law triumphed over Chaos. Damn you and your poncey law 'deamons'!

i concur!

im gonan go with brew and concur with his drunken ravings, had a hell of alot of fun, so cheers to eveyrone who helped and especialyl to greg and owen who im sure we coudlnt have done without! ( also thanks to greg owen and brew for their wonderfuly generous use of their orcs wich lead to me somehow getting equal 3rd in painting!! )

now that the  inaugural ( thats SO now how you spell that)  AxeRemastared is done i think we can put some serious thought into making it an annual event!

Sounds good.

As long as it's going to be an annual event, I think we shoudl call it  AxeRenMastered, where n is the number of years it has been running.

Eg, next year it will be AxeRe2Mastered. That'd be so cool...
I'm very impressed with the superscript feature in this thing.

Again, good job a gang


To Owen: Haha- I get to use my mathematical 'know whats' (yeah, like unmatematicaly minded people don't know what an index is) to trump your correction of my spelling. Take that, language!

Next year we call it

Next year we call it Axe(digitally)Remastered