Painting for Axeremastered

Well I didn't manage to get it all done *sigh*, it was a mammoth task, the TKs are mostly done to a basic standard, some units are far better painted than others... yes I did consider dipping them in vats... some even look like they have been ;)

So whats the deal ? I just don't get the 20 points, and hence 17% of the points for the tournament ?

I can still play with guys who are unpainted right ?



PS, that tomb guard unit IS complete (well 99%) :)

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nice work!

hahaha dood awesome!, but im not sure exactly how the scoring will go... if u can get a lick of paint onto eveyrthing ull probably keep the 20 points. but if youve got unpainted things in your army then you'll probably miss out, so late night tongiht?

Nah, need an early one, has

Nah, need an early one, has been a week of late nights trying to get it all done :) don't really feel like being a zombie for the tourny so I think I'll just wear the loss of points. I wasn't really entering for anything other than a bit of fun, and the experience anyway...

I should be able to make up those points with flogging I give you all in the games anyway right ? ;)


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