Axeremastered question

Hey all,

Now a few of you know me, and I haven't really been playing 40k very long, and Fantasy an even shorter time (3 weeks !). So I was wondering if the Axremastered tournament will be Fantasy n00b friendly, I fully intend to play as many games of Fantasy as I can between now and the tournament, to perhaps shave off some of my rough edges. But is it going to drive people insane and hence end up with me being set alight (or tarred and feathered) if I don't know all the itty bitty nuances of the rules?

 The rules seem to say that you are penalised for deliberately delaying, and I don't think I really play that slow at the moment... but better safe than sorry, and thought I would check before I enter :)

 On another note, anyone interested in a game this Saturday (4th Nov) ? 2250, playing Tomb Kings ?



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A large proportion of the

A large proportion of the people at the tornament will be club people and you will know most of them so asking rules questions will not be a huge problem. In the end you tend to be pitted against those of about equil skill; maybe game 3 onwards. So in that regard it will be nooby friendly. I would encorage you to enter its a great learning experence and you will find most gamers are great fun to play with even in a compedative enviroment.

in the mean while a few suggestions: chat to your opponent before the game starts if you want to know more about their army (you shuld have some idea of whats good and whats not by the tornament) just ask but it is best to do so before the game starts for speed purposes. You are ment to see their list before the game starts! so make sure you read it and pay specific attention to magic items! and un usual troops/ army specific rules! 

If you want to know a bit more about things to watch out for in different armys have a chat to myself or noakse thisweekend, we can run a demo tornament game if you want to watch that :P itll leave you time to play another game with your TK after and its a good way to understand how people think.  

Just thought it was worth

Just thought it was worth mentioning that you should always ask your opponent what the magic items he is using do if you don't know yourself. Also, make sure you know what models the army list entries correspond to. Some people (like me) play with unusual models, like my Squiggoth which represents a Giant. Since it's an open list tournament,  your opponent should tell you what the units are in any case, and also point out which characters have which items so you know which models are which. If he doesn't then feel free to ask him. If he refuses to tell you, well, then he's going against the tournament rules really. And you can accuse him of being a surly sod.

It is a competition...

While most people are pretty friendly, even at tournaments, and will be accomodating of your n00bness, it's not to say that it won't be a disadvantage.

If you enter, it is expected that you know the rules, and people won't undo, or let you undo something because you didnt' know a standard rule. I've been playing for nearly 10 years, and I sitll forget rules (like army-specific rules). I'll often screw up because I didn't know x troop type was gonna pull that special ability on me.

 What I'm trying to say is: Yes, you probably will be at a disadvantage for not knowing the rules so well, but that's not to say you won't still have fun (as long as you're not super-ultra-competitive). I'm sure no one will go out of their way to trick you with their legal mumbo jumbo, but expect some small rules you dont' remember- I do!

 Like Sam said, it's such an awesome experience in terms of meeting new people, playing new races/armies and learnign the rules that no matter what the outcome, you're gonna have a blast. Go for it!

I'll give you a game

Hi Jules,

I'd be happy to play you on Saturday, if you like. But what do you want to play against? I can offer High Elves, Wood Elves, Orcs and Goblins, Dogs of War, Dwarfs or Ogres. The other armies are harder to get into working order. I don't promise it'll be painted, but it gives you the choice of what you think you need the most practice against.


Orcs and Goblins sound like

Orcs and Goblins sound like they are going to be a popular choice for the tournament, so maybe having a go against those would be good. My army is also in serious disarray / construction levels and hardly all painted yet... its what the long weekend is for ;) Hopefully i'll get them all up to an acceptable level of paintedness for the tournament, otherwise I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and lose the painting points. I'm more entering for entertainment value than to win etc. I don't mind losing, its all I've done with my TKs so far !

See you on Saturday, and thanks


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