More Questions! Hooray!

This is directed more-or-less at Greg. Actually more at Greg than less:

1. Greg, if you're are going to be the T.O., rather than bring *yet* another Bret army to Axemaster, which people don't seem to appreciate, would I be able to borrow your greenskin army? I'm happy to bring the Brets, but someone suggested asking you for a bit of variation, so I thought I'd ask.

2. This kinda relies on the previous answer being 'yes'. Would a dragon be an acceptable fill-in for a wyvern? Aside fromt he presence of arms, they look them same, and I want to bring my pretty dragon. 


Cheers mate 

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In the absence of the real

In the absence of the real thing, your dragon makes a pretty decent substitue for a wyvern. So long as it still has an orc on top, and not some girly elf with green face paint...

You are welcome to borrow my orcs if you would prefer to use them instead of your Bretonnians. However, you don't have to bow to general pressure - if you want to use Bretonnians, then do so. For all that people might not like Bretonnians, there are not many coming from the club. Your call. Let me know if you want the orcs. You might have to fight Noakes over some goblin-related elements, too...

Since I'm not planning to

Since I'm not planning to participate activly in the gaming part of the tourney (mostly since I still havn't got a copy of the new O&G book, and it'd take me a while to get the hang of it anyway) my hordes of Gobbos, orcs and Squigs are at the disposal of those who wish to borrow them. If this stops a mighty bun fight over who borrows the gobbos, then it's all good.

I dont' think there should be too much fighting

COmplaints about Brets is more of an excuse to use the O&Gs, I was kinda looking forward to it. On the other hadn, if naoksey had already put forward a request, he can have priority.

If he's only going to be getting gobliny bits, that's ok; I can actually supply all the goblins I have put into the army.
Otherwise, I'm sure your army would be fine too, Owen. I just assumed that you'd be in the tournament.


Looks like all problems are solved- hooray!


hey guys! firstly

hey guys! firstly thanksevyerone for thinkin of me!,secondly..brew... you have a really pretty bret army.. just use it man, taking your own army into a tournement i rekon is so much mroe satisfying than borrowing one ( hence my never entering haha) but yeh ppl winge about brets.. jsut dont use the plus 9 combat res bus of doom.. as pete will attest its not even as good as multiple smaller units..  but yeh thats my thinking..

in other news im well on my way to gettin the goblin hoard up n running, but i will need to borrow some stuff from ppl, namely a giant/ squigoth. squig hoppers ( if there are any running around?)speat chuckas a rock lobba.. and 10 wolf riders. ive got 130 odd gobbos and characters and a doom diver  maybe.. and im hoping to get 20 spiders done! so yeh..i think im nearly there.. with only a few extra things ill ahve an army =)  sorry to impose on eveyrone ( well greg and owen) hehe and hope im not crimping on your style brew if u decide to go orcs! i decided to make a doom diver cause i think it will work better in a tournament with the new model and i didnt know that anyone had one.


It's not like I have to make a decision before the day really, is it?

I agree, it is far more satisfing to enter your own stuff in a tournament, for sure. Hehe- maybe I coudl enter oldschool orcs? THat would sure be amusing- I can actually provide the list I want to use iwth all my old models, cept for 5 savage orcs and 3 fanatics.

 Back online dude, I thought you were down?




haha yay for old school orcs!!! i still say a savage orc shaman on whyvern with the skull wand and kicking boots... still dont hold much stock in that pig sticka hehe but 8 st 6 attacks is pretty hot..

 and yeh 4 telstra technicians later, back on line =)

My squiggoth awaits your

My squiggoth awaits your command(with either Savage Orc crew, or a Lobba and Mek Boy!). I've got some squig hoppas. Two blisters worth i think, so 6? Plus there is that Gobbo on pogo stick if you want to use him as a hoppa. Then there are about 9 or so normal squigs. I really can't remember how many I have... Anyway, loads of hopping hot-pink death!

 As you know, I Have got Four spear chukkas in various states of repair, with crew and bullies. Also twelve wolf riders (if you don't mind one being a Chicken rider!) You'lll have to go through Greg for the rock lobba, I've never had one.

the chiken

the chiken rider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he lives again! ill totally be using him hehe

Yes. Yes you will.

Yes. Yes you will.

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Messages where the content is the same as the subject rock.





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Youse guys rock.