BFG Ship name decals


I have come into possession of some Inkjet decal paper - this means I can make custom waterslide decals using a computer and an inkjet printer. I intend to make name decals for my BFG ship using this system, and since the paper is A4, I'll want to fill the spare space with other stuff. Anyone who wants name decals let me know the names of the ships and the size of the bases - I'll try to make them curved like the stickers that came with Gothic. 

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When I repaint my dark angels can I get you to print me some shoulderpad chapter symbols and doodads?

If I get around to painting them...

The way the decal film

The way the decal film works means that unless you are applying the decals to a white surface they will look semi-transparent (the printer assusmes white paper and prints accorsingly, I may be able to fix this by fiddling with setting, dunno yet). It's fine for black lettering and works over brighter colours, although the colours of the decal tend to shift a bit.

If you want Dark Angels decals, I have plenty of those from back in the day when everything you bought came with decals.