Scratchbuilt Ork fleet for BFG

As some of you may have gathered, I am scratch building a new Ork fleet for BFG. I'm making the ships from Balsa and plasticardm which will then be cast in resin to allow for multiple copies.

One of the major features of the fleet is modular construction  - most of the components are interchangable between various ships allowing for some crazy variants and more variety in your ships.

 The other big feature is that all the ships look different! Not just 'Oh those are luanchbays? So it's a Terror ship?' different, different enough to be obvious from several meters away.

I've almost finished the Savage Gunship components and I've just started on freighters. I've got the designs for the Terrorship, and one of the battleships worked out, more to come.

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Looking forward to it. THen we ahve to have the scratch-built showdown.

Mmmm lunchbays...

Looking forward to seeing it, what's the story with the hulk?

The hulk shall be finished

The hulk shall be finished in the fullness of time - especially since it now has an offical name, to wit: Spang Magakanz Mega Kan!

Also, herein lies a link to the thread about the building of this mighty fleet on Starship Modeler (I also ahve threads about various other things in the 'On the bench' forum.)

Ye link-o-mat 

Look... at... SSM... forum...!

I urge you to examine the Starship Modeler Forum link above, for I have done much since I posted it here. I've almost finished all the escorts and transports. Next up the Terror Ship


They're very cool mate. I'm

They're very cool mate. I'm looking forward to a BR! Those parts look very cool, it's good that you made your own brute, as using a gW one wouldn't allow you to mass produce them!

You'll have to tell me how the casting goes- I'm probably gonna start making one or two of each monster, casting a 'master', then cut those up to make components which I can then cast up a whole lot to make my army out of.