Blaagh! (Pictures of dead-things)

Here are some photos of the re-vamped (get it!?) Vampire Counts I've been painting for Cancon. They're here mainly because I told Sam I'd put some up, but we can always use more content. :)





Vampire on foot (currently being a Count). I have no idea how Mannfred von Carstein manages to wave that sword around in one hand, but it makes a pretty good greatsword. Getting it to fit on to the model was a bit of a pain, but I think it came out ok.





Mounted Vampire Thrall battle standard bearer. I will put something on the banner (as soon as I come up with a decent icon and a decent colour...) Any vague resemblances to Frank from Dead Rising from certain angles are entirely coincidental.





Zombies. (In your heeee-aaad, in your heee-aaa-aaa-ddd, etc)





Skeletons. Possibly a tad better-looking than my old ones.





Not strictly new, but I did re-do the swords on the Necromancers and re-base them. The Vampire Lord was far, far too oldskool to leave out.

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awesome!!!  lookin reall

awesome!!!  lookin reall good man!

For god's sake! You must

For god's sake! You must sing that everytime you raise Zombies! It will cause great perturbation amongst your enemies! Almost as terrible as Drew's 'It's raining men' when deploying drop troopers, or the great Dwarven classic of 'Stop: Hammer time!' on Hammerer units with the rune of slowness...

arg... what is it about Warhammer which inspires bad song puns?