Maelstrom Games- Cheaper Warhammer

Remember when Warhammer was affordable? I have only been playing Warhammer for 5 years and I remember when box sets were $40, and I'm sure some of the older people at club remember when it was cheaper than that.

I was browsing on ebay and came across a great shop in England called Maelstrom Games (some of you may already know of it). They sell NEW warhammer at quite a discounted rate:

Regiment boxes for $40

Battalions for $110

Army books for $26

And larger metal items like treemen for $56

Now I know you might be saying "That's all very well Bean, but once you add shipping the saving is gone". Maelstrom Games ship for FREE to anywhere in the world. So if your prepared to wait about a week for you Warhammer, and have an ebay account, I recommend taking a look: 


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Nice one Bean!  For

Nice one Bean!  For convenience sake, I will stick to visiting Mind Games and MilSims (both of which offer a standard 10% reduction on GW retail prices) but when I move to Leongatha... that may be a different issue.