Armies For Sale

Hello to all Hampton Games Club goers,
I am selling four armies, Lizardmen, Inquisition (Daemonhunters and Imperial Guard), Space Marines and Necrons
Lizardmen Army is as follows:
Limited Edition Standard Bearer, painted

Lord Kroak, unpainted Planquin
Lord Kroq-Gar, unpainted
2 x Skink Priests, one is unpainted
One Old-Blood, painted
Around 50 or so saurus, about 10% are painted, i have one box of unassembled Saurus
20 Skinks, unpainted
5 Kroxigor, 50% are painted
9 Chameleons, unpainted
A terradon, unpainted
And a stegadon, unpainted

Inquisition Army is as follows:
Captain Stern, painted
5 Grey Knight Terminators, 2 are painted
4 Imperial Weapon Platforms, one is painted
2 Deathworld Veteran Snipers, both painted
Command Squad, kinda painted
40 Guardsmen, 10% are painted
Chimera, painted
Leman Russ, painted
Vindicare Assassin, painted

Space Marine Army is as follows:
2 Captains, painted
Command Squad, unpainted
4 Apothecaries, painted
Techmarine, painted
Dreadnought, painted
40 marines, semi painted. 10 of those models are boxed and unassembled
Razorback, painted

Necron army is as follows:
C'tan Deceiver, painted
2 Necron Lords, painted
Destroyer Lord, painted
5 Pariahs, 4 are painted
10 Flayed Ones, few are painted
40 or so Warriors, most are painted
4 Destroyers, 3 are painted
3 Heavy Destroyers, one is painted
Tomb Spyder with Particle Projector, painted
Wraith, painted
Monolith, painted
about 15 scarab swarms, mostly unpainted

If you have any questions about it please phone me at home:9598-2303 or email at or
Hope to hear from you soon.

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hey mate! im interested in a

hey mate! im interested in a few of the items, such as the grey knight terminators and some of the generic marines, i was wondering are you selling them as armies or are you willing to split them up and just sell the units?


I can possibly split them up, i was just showing what i had for sale.

hey mate, im interested in

hey mate, im interested in the grey knight terminators, the unbuilt marines and the leman russ, if you got back to me with a price for those that'd rock!

hey also i ahve a mate whos

hey also i ahve a mate whos interested in the necron army as a whole if he could get a prioce for that? cheers

These are only justified

These are only justified prices at first
Codex $10
Lord $15
Destroyer Lord $20
C'tan $30
Pariahs (all five) $20
Flayed Ones (all ten) $50
Warriors (per 12) $30
Wraith $5
Destroyer $18
Hvy Destroyer $20
Tomb Spyder $20
Monolith $50
I might be able to get rid of the whole lot for $400
These prices are subject to change

I checked out the prices for

I checked out the prices for grey knights on the net and i'll sell the five i have for about $50, that's chopping off $35 from the GW prices. The unbuilt tacitcal squad ill part with for about $40.
All the prices I show are subject to change.

hey ace ill definetly take

hey ace ill definetly take the grey knights and the marines off you ! and maybe that wraith cause its cool hehe

what are you selling the

what are you selling the sarus kroak and terannadon for? and how fully painted are the 10% painted saurs


The painted saurus are fully

The painted saurus are fully painted, so a basecoat of Enchanted Blue with a brush of Blue ink over the top with Sotek paintjob down their backs. Im selling 16 saurus for about $30, the terradon for about $15ish, and good old kroak for maybe $40. E-mail me at if you want to discuss this any further.